Pu-erh tea has a difference between raw tea and cooked tea due to different processing methods. Although they are all Pu-erh tea, there is a big difference between the two, both in craftsmanship, appearance and efficacy. Now let's understand the difference between Pu-erh raw tea and cooked tea and the taboo benefit.

In terms of efficacy, both teas have many health benefits. Raw tea can mainly clean the intestine, and has the benefits of reducing fat, refreshing, lowering blood pressure and losing weight. It is suitable for young people. However, raw tea has many active ingredients, so it is not suitable for insomniacs, colds and fever, stomach ulcer patients, and pregnant women. Cooked tea can prevent cancer, anti-cancer, reduce fat, lower blood pressure, prevent and cure arteriosclerosis, prevent constipation, diuresis, nourish the stomach, anti-aging, and is more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people and people with cold stomach.

3. The taboo of Puer tea drinking benefit:

(1) It is not advisable to drink strong Pu-erh tea on an empty stomach. As the saying goes, "fasting tea is flustered and late tea is difficult to fall asleep." Drinking tea on an empty stomach will dilute stomach acid, inhibit gastric juice secretion, hinder digestion, and may even cause "drunk tea" phenomena such as palpitations, headache, stomach upset, vertigo, and upset, and affect protein absorption.

(2) Pu-erh tea should be drunk with the bubble. Avoid drinking Pu-erh tea overnight. It is not advisable to drink the tea for too long before drinking it. There will be precipitation of heavy metals and other harmful substances in the tea, a large amount of tea polyphenols are oxidized, making the tea color muddy, reducing the health care benefit. In addition, the Pu-erh tea brewed in the thermos should not be consumed regularly, and Pu-erh tea should not be consumed overnight.

(3) The Pu-erh tea just made is not suitable for drinking. From a nutritional point of view, the newly-made Pu-erh tea has not been placed for a period of time, the nutrients have not been oxidized, and some elderly patients with stomach acid deficiency and chronic gastric ulcers may have adverse reactions if they drink for a long time.

(4) It is important to keep the tea set clean. Drink Pu-erh tea and don't forget to wash the cup. Some people who often drink Pu-erh tea like a thick layer of "tea dirt" in the tea cup, thinking that brewing Pu-erh tea is more flavorful. In fact, tea scale is extremely harmful to human health. It contains a variety of heavy metal substances, which are brought into the body when drinking tea, hindering the absorption of nutrients, and also contain certain carcinogenic substances. Therefore, the tea scale on the inner wall of Pu-erh tea set should be cleaned in time to avoid its Harm to health.

(5) Pu-erh tea should be consumed long, and Pu-erh tea should not be consumed intermittently. It is necessary to have regular water flowing and not interrupted. Otherwise, it will be difficult to achieve the benefit of health preservation. The ancient doctor Hua Tuo's "Theory of Food" puts forward the argument of "bitter tea for a long time eating is good for thinking ".

(6) Pu-erh tea should be warm, not hot or cold. "Light tea keeps warm for years", the temperature of drinking Pu-erh tea should be 25 ℃ -50 ℃, not more than 60 ℃. Regularly drinking cold Pu-erh tea will have side benefits on the mouth, throat, and stomach of people, especially those with poor spleen and stomach, so warm and warm drinks are advocated to facilitate health maintenance.

(7) Pu-erh tea should be light drink, not strong drink. Long-term consumption of concentrated Pu-erh tea will cause the body's metabolic dysfunction, weaken the absorption of iron in the gastrointestinal tract and cause anemia or vitamin B benefit.

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