Renovating any room in your house takes much effort on your behalf. However, doing that with a kids room is a little bit different. It will give you a chance to showcase your creativity, while simultaneously bonding with your children through the decision process.

Here are some things to consider when re-decorating:

Add clever storage space

Having a kids room usually means dealing with mess day in and day out. That’s why it is essential to plan for convenient storage space when re-decorating. Add boxes or baskets, or some extra drawers or shelves, especially in the corner where you keep their toys. If you don’t want to use a whole corner, you could buy a bed with built-in storage. You could take this opportunity to teach your kids to pick up their toys and tidy up every day.

Play beds for fun

Sometimes kids see going to bed as a punishment when they are forced to leave stop playing and having fun until the next day. However, beds can also be a place where they could have fun. And not only that, these play beds can be a focal point of a room and give it a whole other vibe. There are many designs available, for girls and boys, like planes, trains, castles or ships. You just need to see what your kid enjoys the most.

Make a statement with wallpaper

Using wallpaper is a beautiful way to add some spark into your kids' room. Carefully picked wallpaper can really feed your kids imagination and creativity. It just needs to match thieir personality. There are countless designs to choose from, such as animals, cartoon characters, astronauts, princesses, and many others. Maybe your kid likes geography, so you could pick a wallpaper with a world map print. If you have spare time, this is a task you could perform yourself. This way wallpaper installation and decoration could be a fun little project for the whole family!

Chalkboard walls to fuel creativity

Pick just one wall, and cover it with chalkboard paint. There’s no better way to let your children express themselves than allowing them to draw freely. With just a couple of coats of black, or some other color, you could make this the most exciting corner in the room. If you don’t want to paint a wall, you could use some piece of furniture. If you use dark chalkboard paint, just make sure to contrast it out with bright walls or furniture.

A reading corner for the kids

Just as adults have reading nooks dedicated to relaxing and unwinding with a good book, kids can have them too. They are especially neat for children who are grown up, and who have taken an interest in reading at a young age. Add a shelf in one corner of the room where you will store all their favorite books, and add a comfy chair or a couple of pillows on the floor, where they could sit back and enjoy. This spot will be their fortress of calm and serenity.

Make a studying space

Making a cool little corner dedicated just to their school duties can really encourage and enhance your kids studying habits. Add a fun desk, with lots of drawers to store their supplies, and a comfortable chair they could sit in for a more extended period. Also, make sure to provide enough lighting, maybe by adding a fun lamp. But most importantly, you should personalize that space by adding their favorite colors or wall art so that they could feel more inspired.

Arts and crafts area

The best way to nurture your children’s artistic inclinations is by arranging one corner of their room to be their arts and crafts space. You will need a table and a chair, where they could sit easily and comfortably and draw for as long as they want. It would be best if you always had extra sheets of paper and pencils, markers or crayons available so that your kids could pick them up and start creating whenever they choose. Hang those pieces of art on a wall above that table, and take pride in what they’ve accomplished!

A kids bedroom can have many functions. They can be study or playrooms, creative spaces or relaxing retreats. Whichever you choose to do with it, this room needs to provide comfort and safety to your children. So, try to have their wishes and needs when re-decorating and they’ll happily go to their rooms any time of the day!

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