Beauty and self-adoration are concepts as old as a civilization! We humans have always loved to make self beautiful and we have discovered innumerable means and concepts to achieve this aim. In the modern world, there is heavy rallying after the beauty products and concepts of all types that we collectively call as cosmetics. The growth of cosmetics industry started very early when we learned the use of different chemicals to develop dedicated cosmetics; talc powders and face creams being the earliest products in the market. The last two decades saw an influx of diversity of beauty and body care products, especially for the women. However, the last decade also saw the acceptance of the fact that most of these cosmetics leave adverse effects on our skin; and even penetrate deeper to affect our body systems and processes. This led to the focus turning to herbal and more precisely Ayurvedic beauty products.

Ayurveda has much to offer towards your beauty

India is a land marked by authentic knowledge of Ayurveda that has been developed by the sages and practitioners through centuries. Ayurveda is the science that has stood the test of time and today its efficacy is a subject of various researches around the world. Ayurveda is built upon the studies of indigenous herbs and natural products found in the environment and it identified the qualities associated with them with the objective of curing the diseases and conditions of diversity. The areas touched upon by Ayurveda were multitudes and included general health, preventive and wellness prescriptions, allergies and also Ayurvedic skin care formulations. In spite of such comprehensive body of knowledge, Ayurvedic practice got affected, although partially, through the emergence, development, and adoption of modern English medicine systems around the world. However, the tradition of Ayurveda and allied curative practices based on it were taken up by noted organizations like Kairali that now operates as a center of excellence and develops high-quality products including Ayurvedic skin care products of different types.

Ayurveda gains broader acceptance in society

The last two decades saw a resurgence in favor of Ayurveda and the reasons are more than one. The most potent reason is the fact that people have witnessed side effects of the use of English medicines which although offer quick relief through easy pills but also distort other vital processes of the body. These distortions range from cardiac risks to liver damage and thus are substantive enough to affect the thinking or any educated mind in society. In contrast, they found that Ayurvedic natural skin care products are safe to use and the results are also long lasting! The chemicals cosmetics are generally developed with a definite ‘masking’ concept that allows the user to adopt a rich yet temporary look; and which would be certainly lost after some time. Moreover, these chemicals based cosmetics also produce permanent damage to the skin for which the chemicals are nothing more than external toxins! So the condition with chemicals cosmetics is totally reverse – temporary beautification and permanent skin damage!

Ayurvedic skin care and beauty products become popular!

Ayurvedic beauty products were present since the old times and we all can recall the instances when our grandma or elders offered their counsel for the skin care and beauty enhancement. However, in the fast glam of the modern world, we forgot their advice and adopted our own ways of fast beauty through easy to use creams, formulations and all sorts of products. While of course, the consciousness grew through ill effects of chemical cosmetics, the real popularity of Ayurvedic beauty products developed through the interventions made by noted brands such as Kairali that specialize in authentic Ayurveda. Kairali has continued its decades-old tradition of practicing Ayurvedic practices and delivering products of fine value in the market. People found resonance with these products because such Ayurvedic products for skin were offered as easy to use concepts and without diluting the true value of the ingredients used in them. Thus we find multitudes of factors acting in consonance and propelling the concept of Ayurveda even in the modern generation which is swift and dynamic in its choices.

The demand for Ayurveda based cosmetics treatment has become such strong that the Indian state of Kerala has started to offer wellness tourism and people are coming from around the world for the healing massages that offer stress relief and beauty enhancements.

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