Since centuries, the wise men in the world have pooled their energies and knowledge to understand the processes that determine human health and its parameters with the objective of optimizing the health benefits for all. We also developed medicine systems through our knowledge of indigenous herbs and products of relevance to our health and wellness. Ayurveda has developed centuries ago through the efforts of numerous sages in history who contributed towards a holistic body of medical knowledge that still stands verified through the authentic results. In spite of the fast emergence and acceptance of the modern medicine systems around the world, including in India, Ayurvedic practices and demand of Ayurvedic products continue; more because people consider these practices and formulations effective and safe too. It is the safety dimension where the modern med system loses authenticity! Ayurvedic herbal healthcare products have found wider recognition in the backdrop of the side effects that are generated through the use of English medicines. Brands like Kairali have become popular through a range of products in the specialty categories of general health & wellness, women & mens health products, and much more.

Mens sexual health products in Ayurveda -

Some of the products and practices of Ayurveda have emerged highly popular like those offered under men’s health and wellness including the sexual health and libido. This is a segment of medicine that has always attracted the attention of practitioners because of the continued demand from the society since ages. Ayurvedic practitioners of yester centuries have discovered specific herbs and compounds of nature that offer proven enhancements in sexual health and stamina. This is also a specialty discipline where Ayurveda score much above the modern medicine systems on account of the potent benefits that are devoid of any side effects for the user. Special Ayurvedic treatments are also available that are made to de-stress the body and also detoxify it in the run up to better reproduction capabilities. Ayurveda somewhere also spins with authentic Indian astrology that counsels detoxification and restoration of internal health cum vitality for the couple before engaging in reproduction; with the objective of producing healthy offspring. Kairali offers mens healthcare products in specialty segments of penile strength (erectile dysfunction), sperm count increase, libido enhancement and the problem of premature ejaculation among others.

Ayurveda adopts fundamental approach

Ayurveda exists as a comprehensive body of medical knowledge that is not confined to some specific diseases and conditions that humans confront in their life. Rather, it deals with all types of diseases and allied distortions in the bio processes in the body. Its core concept revolves around balancing of the fundamental elements that are present in everybody – namely vata, pitta and kaph. Whenever the balance is disturbed among these three in a human body, a disease condition develops. Ayurvedic practitioners develop their knowledge and curing abilities through their understanding of this balance and they make use of very authentic diagnostic methods like ‘nadi’ (the pulse) that offers them a holistic picture of what is going on in the body and what elements are disturbed. Such a methodology of diagnosing and curing the disease represents a definite fundamental approach which makes Ayurveda much superior and fault free; hence no side effects for the user.

Dedicated service towards society through authentic Ayurveda!

In India, GOI has established the Deptt. Of AYUSH that acts as the regulatory and governing body for the entire administration and practice of traditional medicine systems in India including Ayurveda. Further, the noted Ayurveda brands like Kairali have contributed a lot while acting as the centers of excellence that have kept the traditions alive through authentic service towards society for decades. Kairali has responded to high demand segments of medicine, especially where the efficacy of modern medicine is deficient or not trustworthy. Skin care and beauty treatments available under Ayurveda make use of the proven herbs of nature that offer rejuvenation of the skin through internal supplementation and external nutrition is delivered with topical formulations. Specialty skin care products for men are also developed that keep the skin safe from the toxins, pollutants and harsh chemicals in the environment. Herbal hair oils, face packs, shaving creams and after shave lotions could be counted as examples in this segment.

Ayurvedic herbal health products have thus become much popular in modern society and their demand is increasing fast as more people around the world are learning about the authentic benefits of Ayurveda.

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