If you are considering breast augmentation in Baltimore, chances are that you are either not happy with your natural breast size, or need to undergo reconstructive surgery.

Whatever might be your reason to go under the knife, remember that this surgical technique is not permanent. You may need to go under the knife again to maintain the new shape and size of breasts.

Why women undergo breast augmentation in Baltimore
•To increase size of breasts for aesthetic purposes
•To regain volume of breasts that usually decreases after childbirth or weight loss
•To obtain symmetry in breasts that are disproportionate in shape and size
•To correct sagging breasts and regain their firmness for a more youthful appearance of the body
•To render breast contour foundation in case of removal of a breast due to cancer
•To enhance appearance of chest area by correcting a disfigured breast or adding a missing breast that may happen due to heredity, trauma, or congenital disorders

Breasts implants in Maryland
Implants come in various shapes and sizes. Filler materials vary too. The choice of implant and material depends on your body type, breast anatomy, and how much increase in size you want and is possible. Besides these, your lifestyle, health status, and personal choices also come to play.

However, you must not be too obstinate regarding the personal preferences. Your plastic surgeon knows best. His or her surgical judgment plays a crucial role in determining type and size of implants.

Understanding implants
Before undergoing breast augmentation in Baltimore, you must know about implants. Breast implants are usually made of rubber shell or silicone. The shell is filled with elastic silicone gel or with saline solution. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved both types of implants. This means a separate panel of physicians have researched and tested the implants for safety.

Other features of breast implants in Maryland
•Implants come in two textures: smooth and textured.
•They come in two shapes: round and teardrop or tapered.
•It is possible to project them in three ways: low projection, medium projection, and high projection. Depending on this, your breasts may appear more prominent or less.
•The surgeon also considers diameter of the implant.
•Size of implants is denoted in cubic centimeters. This is based on filler material volume.

Conditions for breast augmentation in Baltimore
It is necessary that the breasts be fully developed before implant. The FDA has approved the use of saline implants for women above 18; while for silicone implants you need to be above 22.

In certain cases, both implants are used on women below 18, but this is only for reconstructive surgery.

You need to visit your surgeon regularly to make sure your breasts are healthy and the implants are in good condition. This holds true for silicone and saline implants.

The aim of a good surgeon, while placing breast implants Maryland, is to create the tiniest incision possible. Reputable surgeons use a patented device called Keller Funnel that ensures maximum safety and marvelous results.

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