Whether you're just starting to study or have been working for a while: you want to get the most out of your student days. And what better way to do that than with a MacBook that takes you through exam weeks. Everything helps you relax when you have a week off? These are the reasons you can choose a MacBook as a student!

1. It is thin and light
MacBook is a super thin, light notebook that you can take anywhere. In the train when you go to your parents' weekend, to college or to your favorite coffee house to study in peace.

2. A Perfect look
You can be seen with a MacBook. A notebook with an incredibly sleek and stylish design, which is available in the color that suits you. Fold it open and let yourself be surprised by the razor-sharp display and the colors that splash it.

3. User-friendly Design
MacBook runs on the powerful and user-friendly operating system OS X. It lets you work fast and efficiently and thanks to Split View you fill your screen with two programs. For example, you write a paper in Pages while searching for information in Safari.

4. Apps that you need
With the Pages, Numbers and Keynote programs you effortlessly make your thesis, important projects and a professional resume. Do you do a creative study? Then use iPhoto, iMovie and Photoshop for photo and video editing.

5. Lasts long
It is not always easy to find an outlet. All MacBooks have an innovative battery that helps you through your lectures without charging. Every type of MacBook has a long battery life, ranging from 7 am to 12 pm.

6. Always in for an evening long Netflix
And when you are completely finished studying, just grab your MacBook for some relaxation. Watch your favorite series via Netflix, play those nice hits on Apple Music or surf for hours on Safari.

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Why Refurbished?
Choosing a refurbished or "refurbished" device can be interesting, especially as a conscious choice against the "early aging" phenomenon and to avoid waste.
Originally, only hardly or unused Macback are put on the site as "refurbished", for example a device that was returned within the cooling-off period, a showroom model, etc. These devices were checked, repackaged and sold at a lower price. They are mostly (as good as) new MacBook.

A second-hand device has been used (sometimes for quite some time) and is resold by the owner or a broker "in the state it is in". Nowadays, however, it can also be a device that someone has already used and discarded when purchasing a new device that has been returned because it did not meet expectations or that has been repaired or exchanged via the after-sales service. The condition of the device can therefore vary considerably.

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Misty Jhones