The online world is changing rapidly and so does the e-commerce platform. You will come across new platforms introduced in the market each year and they come with a set of advantages and disadvantages.

In case the current platform you are using has already launched a new version with new features and if your business needs have transformed since the past couple of years then certainly you should switch to the latest Magento migration version so that you get to use the latest features and meet your business needs.

Similarly, if you are using the older version of e-commerce platform then you need to shift to the latest version and here is why you need to do:

Network of Apps

With the e-commerce store, Magento upgrade you can get a network of apps that is essential for modern e-commerce needs and I can bring a remarkable change to your online store with a lot of benefits.
App stores become an important element in the e-commerce era with plenty of apps that can help the users

Management of products
cross-sells facility
Sale options etc.

The App Store for each of the above services can help you get the new ideas that can be used for marketing for your e-store using different tools too. Also, you will get most of these apps at no cost or some of them are available at an affordable price subscription too. The latest e-commerce platform becomes more powerful with App integration and thus it is counted as the big reason for upgrading your e-commerce platform to the latest version.

A Perfect User interface for Backend

Having an upgraded backend interface can help you add new products without any hassles. It will directly help you generate increased sales without any mess and save time on how you manage your online store.

The simple backend user interface displays added options to help you customize your store according to your business needs. Your employees would be able to handle the entire system easily and it will help you focus on other important business activities.

Freedom to customize your site

If the current e-commerce platform that you are using is not allowing you to customize your site the way you want it to be then you need to upgrade it to get the freedom to customize your site.

If your e-commerce store version doesn’t provide you with the option to do blog hosting or create different content pages to add weight age to the store, then new e-commerce platforms are ideal for improved CMS that gives you enhanced flexibility to customize your site.

A lot of latest platforms are embedded with integrations for social selling, features that enable automated marketing, coupon codes, etc., certainly, if you are using the outdated version of e-commerce platform then switching to the latest one will offer you added excellent features that would open new doors to improved customization for your site. It will help generate more revenue and bring in more sales for your store.

Improved SEO options

With the help of your existing current e-commerce version, if you are not able to configure the descriptions, Meta tags product description, etc or not able to add alt text to the image of your product, then you need a better solution.

Also, check if your current platform doesn’t comprise of a perfect structure for internal linking which can be read properly by search engines then you certainly need a different and improved version.

Also, if your e-commerce platform is self-hosted one then you need to check about the load times. These factors are crucial for your store in terms of SEO and you may not be getting these features with your old version of the e-commerce platform. Thus shifting to the latest e-commerce platforms gives you access to different features and if you do not find any of these in the latest version, you can add it through apps that can be searched easily.

Enhanced Reporting format

What exactly you are able to view when you access the store’s backend? You may get to see a simple navigation menu that directs to various pages or a powerful dashboard that displays the graphs and crucial details to help you know about how your store is performing.

Well, many e-commerce platforms basically display reporting while some include a little more than that.
Imagine if your store encounters a declination in sales/traffic then in such cases if the e-commerce platform has a reporting dashboard, it can give you a clear picture of what exactly has happened on a daily basis. It can be quite helpful to track the store performance and improve on the areas that need your attention.

So, the reasons above certainly will help you know why you need to upgrade your Magento platform to the latest version.

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