What we with PTSD need to know is in the form of a spiritual concept.
It is vital for healing ourselves that negativity we daily reject.

This comes in the characteristics of universal emotions, you see.
There is a spirit attached, especially, to reactions of negativity.

One must be in touch with our Higher Self for the spirit to leave.
Without the faith that erodes such attraction, agitation will cleave.

Jesus referred to this spirit of negativity when his disciples were perplexed.
Matthew 17:21 explain prayer and fasting are required strengths to be flexed.

When we call upon Jesus, with the faith of a mustard seed spirits flee!
Spirits of anger, fear, jealously, suicide, anxiety, is where rebuking is key.

They actually jump from person to person at any given time.
Even a normal person can be afflicted, and balance soiled with grime.

It is because of our past trauma(s) that our emotional balance is skewed.
Such strong feelings, paired with poor circumstances, make stability unglued.

We become handicapped, different from those who have not experienced pain.
Forging healthy, meaningful, fulfilling relationships becomes quite a strain.

Being drawn by familiarity we form community with those who have distress.
These people only wallow in brokenness that is shared proliferating regress.

Even if we are exposed to healthier persons, they do not readily mix.
It seems like there is an invisible, strong moving current separating betwixt.

So what must we do to build up an escape from this emotional rift?
We can consult with a traditional Qigong Master with a spiritual gift.

Do not be fooled to think that all Qigong practitioners are alike.
The skills of some may be likened to one who rides a tricycle and not a bike.

One practitioner may only depend on sharing his or her own energy.
They may have practiced for a decade or so to accumulate extra qi, you see.

Qi is the life force energy of the universe that is in all living creatures.
Depending on how ones channels are balanced portrays its features.

All the body’s organs are part of an energy system that may be blocked.
Yes, illness and pain will appear when this happens so do not be shocked!

It becomes necessary to release or recharge organs, like a battery depleted.
You would be surprised when this is done properly and medicinally completed.

The layers that have been built up around our hearts to protect us are removed.
Our true self is released from the emotional chains so joy can now be pursued!

In comparison it is like a beautiful, colorful painting that portrays our soul.
Through the years of distress and bad choices we were prevented from being whole.

The painting of our soul had been soiled with sorrow that made colors hidden.
Holding onto our painful memories rendered the way to happiness forbidden.

Now, with a cleansed body deep inside we are open to better possibilities, too.
No longer are we held down to those spirited emotions that kept us blue!

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Do you want to know more about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD?) Contact me and I will share from my own twice-healed experiences. I am also a Qigong and Reiki Practitioner doing Poetry Workshops. Family, friends, and those with PTSD find me at: http://www.RisaRuse.com. See my books on Amazon at: http://www.CreateSpace.com/5289024. Namaste!