Recipes with leftover food
Food is one essential thing which comes in the top list category of air, water which is very much essential to the survival of a human being. Without food, we can't survive and food is one source from where we get energy to our body.
For Some people in this world, food as health source to body or tasty and delicious foods which satisfy their taste buds. But for some people to whom food is one which they hardly get , if they get anything to eat they think it’s great …they won't think about the type of food, veg, non-veg, tasty, favorite they like to eat on that situation and just they want to fill their stomach.
The value of food changes from person to person….but here we won’t forget that the food whatever we eat or comes to our plate who may be rich or poor his/her food is raised or grown by the same farmers who toil very hardly irrespective of hot, cold or rainy weather, the farmer never look all these aspects he works for the soil and work for his family.
According to one study about half of the food which is produced on the planet about 2 million tons are wasted before it is reaching to any needy. In this race, the Americans are in lead in wasting food as per the survey by the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation.
Coming to India and Indians in the survey we get to know that we waste the food as much as the United Kingdom consumes. And this figure it shocks us when we know that in India too many people are there who don’t even get stomach full of food once a day.
In India over 20 crore people out of 130 crore sleep without having a proper food or not getting food, why all these scenarios and surveys I am explaining because here in India people are wasting food every day, even some people think wasting food is not a big issue and it shows their status about how wealthy they are and they have enough food and money to do whatever they want.

We can see in India wasting food in the functions like marriage, birthday party, and big occasions etc. In this time we prepare varieties of food and people fill their plate like they will eat everything but by the end they won’t finish half the food and they leave the rest of it in the plate without having it and many people do this without feeling any guilt and shame.
But according to me and by looking at the condition of our poor 20 crore Indians, wasting food and water is like a crime. By having knowledge how important food is to survive more than how effort fully those food grains are grown by the farmers after that also wasting food is like sin.
Here I like to share with you all some of the tips to avoid wasting food
• Shop smartly to buy the things whatever we want especially in terms of food items
• Keep your fridge neat and tidy that you can see the stored item clearly and you can use it on time
• Save leftover food in whatever way they can keep well in good condition
• Eat the skin of the food like non-veg and in veg fruits, people use to pulp the skin, but the skin has health benefits like it is good for digestion
• While serving and eating keep a look at the amount of food we serve ,while serving don’t force somebody who doesn’t want food after serving if he/she is unable to eat they may waste without any hesitation.
• While buying any food item keep eye on manufacturing and expiry date don’t be confused between them.
• Make a habit of taking your lunch box with you, because many people don’t like outside food that time people buy outside food eat some and waste more.
Other than above habits, we should make the habit of using the leftover food by making or using varieties of recipes. here I like to share some of the recipes especially breakfast recipes like dosa, idli, and upma.
You may not know how to use these recipes using leftover food, I will help you in this matter by explaining how you can utilize the leftover food and same time you can make instant breakfast recipes.

Usually what we do with leftover rice??? Maybe Lemon Rice, Curd Rice, Chitranna, Mustard Rice. But do you know… We can make soft, fluffy and delicious Idli….yes we can prepare a delicious Rice Idli and that too instantly without any need of fermentation with usual idli rava, poha, and curd and prepare Instant Cooked Rice Idli. Try this instant healthy recipe in place of any rice item and save your leftover rice instead of throwing it away.

Idli is one of the popular breakfasts especially in south India. In the south Indian home one of the common and frequent breakfasts is idli. If you have prepared excess idlis then no need to throw it away.
We can make different recipes by leftover idlis or by fresh s idlis , one of the common recipes is Idli Upma. Idli Upma is a simple and quick Recipe made by leftover idlis or fresh idlis, by this you can prepare a delicious breakfast; it is so common Breakfast or Snack in south India.

Rice is one of the common food people use all over India, Leftover rice can be used for preparing many instant Recipes like curd rice, lemon rice, etc.…
One more recipe in this category is Cooked Rice Dosa. Dosa is the staple food of south India which usually requires fermentation and soaking, but here in this recipe, you can prepare delicious and crispy dosa instantly using cooked rice with rice flour/wheat flour and curd. Try this tasty dose breakfast in the busy morning and enjoy one more variety of dosa.

like this, we have many recipes and ideas or tricks to save our food not only we are making good work by not wasting food by this ,we are saving our money, time and effort, which is all required in the preparing of any food.
From today onwards make habit of the above-mentioned rules in our daily life especially women who are Masters of the kitchen and if the food is left in any condition ……….learn, try and make new recipes with leftover foods.

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The purpose of existence of is to encourage and lend a helping hand to those enthusiastic food lovers sharing the same passion as us with the timeless, tasty recipes to try it out at the convenience of their kitchen and serve the food and love among their family and friends.
The purpose of existence of is to encourage and lend a helping hand to those enthusiastic food lovers sharing the same passion as us with the timeless, tasty recipes to try it out at the convenience of their kitchen and serve the food and love among their family and friends.