Maintaining optimum cellular health throughout the entire body can greatly reduce your risk of developing a number of age-related diseases and health conditions, namely cancer. Keeping your cells functioning properly, with all organs and systems working in balanced harmony, is the foundation for radiant health and well being. However, we do not always experience a perfect state of health, and appreciation for good health often doesn’t exist without episodes of illness. For so many of us in today’s world, it is only when we are faced with a serious diagnosis or a chronic, persistent condition that we finally take action and commit ourselves to a healing path. One particularly prevalent health condition that more and more women are facing today is breast cancer, and chances are good that you or someone you love is struggling with this frightening diagnosis. If so, I want you to know that there is hope, as exciting medical research continues to show progress in treating breast cancer. From brand new treatments to natural, effective strategies, you can gain the edge you need in your fight against breast cancer without compromising your health, energy and vitality in the process.

The Importance of Essential Fatty Acids and Omega-3
When it comes to the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, one of the most important factors to address is your diet. Proper diet and supplementation can have profound benefits for improving overall health and for preventing and treating numerous chronic and deadly health conditions. Many natural compounds and ingredients have been shown to help address breast cancer, and one of the most well researched is fish oil, which is rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), mainly omega-3. Results of numerous studies indicate that this popular and extensively researched supplement shows promise in helping to reduce a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. In addition to reducing risk of breast cancer, studies reveal that the anti-inflammatory effects of the omega-3 fats found in fish oil have powerful additional health benefits for those suffering with other serious conditions such as heart disease, fatigue, depression, arthritis, and much more.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the powerful ability of DHA and EPA (omega-3 fats in fish oil) to lower inflammation in the body and help maintain appropriate levels of free radicals. Given the positive analysis of the omega-3 fats in fish oil, some doctors do promote the use of these supplements for breast cancer and other conditions that are related to inflammation, such as cardiovascular disease. Since the “Standard American Diet” has been shown to contain drastically low levels of omega-3 fats in comparison to the diets of other cultures and countries, it is important, especially for women, to incorporate proper Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) and omega-3 supplementation into their diet to maintain optimal breast health.

Poly-botanical Breast Health Formula
Another powerful supplement that can help support breast health is one that I formulated using high quality natural ingredients. It works in part by reducing inflammation, actively maintaining various support systems such as immune function and hormone metabolism, and protecting breast cell integrity and function. This comprehensive breast formula integrates leading-edge scientific research together with traditional herbal medicine to create one of the most innovative and comprehensive dietary supplements for helping to prevent and treat breast cancer and metastasis. Using eight clinically tested compounds, this synergistic formula is proven to reduce breast cancer cellular proliferation, promote cellular health, promote healthy hormone modulation, and support healthy immune function.

This breast health formula has been studied at top medical research universities with excellent results, and further studies underway continue to confirm the significant anti-cancer abilities of this unique supplement. The blend contains the antioxidatant flavanoid quercetin, turmeric rhizome extract, Astragalus membranaceus root extract, Scutellaria barbata herb extract, and an advanced formulation of DIM (3,3'- diindolylmethane). DIM, an ingredient found in broccoli, has been extensively researched for its ability to promote cellular health, and support healthy estrogen metabolism. The formula is completed by the addition of three powerful, botanically-enhanced medicinal mushrooms for immune support.

The positive evidence for fish oil, as well as for my polybotanical breast formula and other breast health compounds and ingredients, is substantial and impressive. Whatever treatment path you decide, it’s helpful to know that there are numerous natural adjuncts available which can help improve your clinical outcome. Whether you decide to supplement with fish oil or another supplement for breast health is a personal decision that should be made with the help of a health care provider experienced in the use of dietary supplementation. By supplementing with natural ingredients which integrate scientific research together with nutrition and traditional herbal medicine, women can better equip their bodies with the materials needed to regain and maintain lifelong health and vitality. For more information about natural breast cancer therapies, visit

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Dr. Isaac Eliaz, M.D., MS., L.Ac., has been a pioneer in integrative medicine since the early 1980s. He is a respected researcher, innovative product formulator, clinical practitioner, author and lecturer. Dr. Eliaz is widely regarded as the leading expert in the field of Modified Citrus Pectin research and has been using Modified Citrus Pectin in his clinical practice for over 15 years to treat a variety of conditions.

Dr. Eliaz integrates his background in Western medicine with extensive knowledge of traditional Chinese, Tibetan, Ayervedic, Homeopathic and complementary medical systems. With over 25 years of clinical experience and research, Dr. Eliaz offers a unique holistic approach to the relationship between health and disease, immune enhancement, detoxification and cancer prevention and treatment.