Hormones are critical to the maintaining top physical performance. As we age, this delicate balance becomes more difficult to keep up. Science has shown that supplementation with human growth hormone (HGH) can be very beneficial in restoring that balance. The best HGH supplement can be the difference between suffering the effects of aging and enjoying the vitality of youth.

HGH is naturally occurring in the body. During puberty, levels of HGH reach their highest point. From that point on, the levels drop every year. Some scientists think this drop is what causes some of the symptoms of aging.

Symptoms of a Loss of HGH

The symptoms of aging are varied, and can include the visible: fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin and weight gain around the midsection. They can also include the physical: weakened eyesight, lowered immune system and joint issues. And the quality of life symptoms: poor sleep, mood swings and always being tired. The best HGH supplement can help to ease these symptoms.

Benefits of HGH Supplementation

For men, the best HGH supplement provides increased heart and lung functions. This increases the oxygen in the blood. This benefit helps not only in daily life, but in athletics. Increased oxygen in the blood means better endurance and sharper mental focus. HGH also helps with repairing damage from injuries. Tendons and ligaments weaken over time. HGH supplementation can help keep them strong. Range of motion improves with stronger joints.

Men lose muscle as they age. HGH supplementation in combination with a good diet can slow this process. As muscle density goes down, weight tends to go up. HGH supplementation allows men to maintain lean muscle while reducing fat. Testosterone is necessary for men’s sexual performance. From early adulthood, men begin to see declining levels of testosterone, the best HGH supplement can increase these levels. With increased testosterone levels, men can see a returning of sexual performance.

But HGH supplementation does not just help men, women can benefit from this treatment as well.

The best HGH supplement can help with hormonal imbalances that occur to women as they age. It can also reduce visible signs of aging by stimulating elastin and collagen growth diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. Women will also see an improvement in their hair both in thickness and color. HGH also helps lessen the symptoms of menopause by improving the irritability, hot flashes, exhaustion and lowered sex drive. Weight loss is another benefit of this treatment. Since HGH encourages lean muscle development, it is easier for women to lose weight, especially around their abdomen.

HGH supplementation is a revolutionary step in the science of aging. Proper supplementation can help people to slow or reverse some of the worst symptoms of aging. Care should be taken when taking any supplement, but HGH may provide many the opportunity to regain much of what time has taken.

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