32 possibilities how dentistry can make you sick. Unless we have tooth extractions we would have 32 teeth in our mouth by the time we mature.

While there has long been a known link between the dangers of mercury ingestion and health complications such as Acrodynia and Minamata disease, something that is less known is the link between dentistry and these same diseases. This is because dentists use an amalgam in fillings that includes not only mercury, but the toxic forms of zing, tin, and copper as well.

These amalgams have been banned in Norway and Sweden, yet they continue to be used in both the United States and Canada. Scientific evidence has pointed strongly to the correlation between these diseases and the use of mercury-based fillings, but the American Dental Association has denied any dangers existing.

If you believe that you might be suffering from a mercury filling, there are some signs you should be aware of: loss of energy, decreased sex drive, weakened immune system, sudden onset of fatigue, and depression. In addition, complications from mercury fillings can increase the likelihood of fungal yeast infections, ear and sinus infections, psoriasis, or even short-term memory problems.

Luckily, these causes for concern are easily preventable. While a physician may not readily look for signs of mercury poisoning, you have the necessary knowledge now to be observant of the signs yourself. If you believe that you have been implanted with mercury-based fillings, see a dentist immediately to look into its removal. In addition, be on the lookout for dentists in your area that not only perform amalgam replacements, but that operate with fillings that are not mercury-based.

The dangers of mercury are not outside of your control. Take charge of your health and stay informed to the dangers of toxic elements being used by your practitioner. As long as you've done your research and chosen wisely, you'll have nothing to fear. Fluoride and mercury poisoning are easily avoidable if you've taken care to not only choose the best practitioner for your medical needs, but have also opened your mind to the use of complementary medicine alongside the more traditional mainstream medicine.

As evidenced by the American Dental Association's staunch refusal to change their practices, you cannot rely on others to protect you from harm. You must become as knowledgeable, if not more so, than the people you pay to take care of you. To stay ahead of the curve and to find out more, Sign up now.

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