It is good to be anxious because it keeps us alert to avoid harmful situations but repetitive anxiety attacks without a reasonable cause are no longer healthy and good. Recurring intense fear over something that is not real is already a disorder and it is a serious problem. You have to find the best ways to break this cycle before it can totally rule your life.

It is hard to enjoy life if you are worrying too much about everyday situations. You will find it hard to function normally if you have irrational fears about common things in your daily life. Repetitive anxiety attacks can interfere with your daily activities and you have to find the best ways to treat this mental disorder as early as possible. If not treated this disorder may last for years or even for a lifetime.

The persistent and repetitive anxiety attacks accompanied by physical symptoms like heavy sweating, pounding heartbeat, nausea, trembling and feeling of losing your mind can rule your life if you cannot find a way to break the cycle. This condition can be very devastating but the good thing is that anxiety disorder is a treatable disorder.

Cognitive behavioral treatment. Psychological therapy can be very helpful to help sufferers break the negative pattern of thinking. This method helps sufferers to change their thinking patterns and the way they react to situations that can trigger anxiety attacks. Exposure to feared situations and repetitive exercises can help sufferers get rid of repetitive anxiety attacks.

Food avoidance. A healthy and balanced diet is necessary to have better control of your body and mind. Avoiding foods that may trigger anxiety attacks is also important. Caffeine is a major trigger of anxiety or panic attacks. Avoid coffee, chocolates, sodas and alcoholic drinks.

Medication. There are a variety of medicines to suppress repetitive anxiety attacks. Anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs and beta blockers are commonly prescribed by doctors or psychiatrists to help relieve anxiety disorder. Your doctor may combine medication with psychotherapy. Remember that prolonged use of drugs can lead to drug addiction and other side effects.

Stress management. Practice a healthy lifestyle to avoid stress which is a major contributor to repetitive anxiety attacks. Learn to delegate if your stress is caused by too much work load and responsibilities. Follow an effective time management if your stress is caused by not having enough time to accomplish things. Meditation, yoga, breathing exercise and regular physical activities can help relieve your stress.

Alternative treatment. Natural treatments are gaining popularity because they are inexpensive and have no side effects. There are natural techniques to conquer repetitive anxiety attacks. Natural methods can help you break the fear of having another anxiety or panic attack.

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