Drug rehabs are centers that offer an intensive process that addresses major issues around the use of alcohol or drugs.

A residential drug rehab center is one in which clients live as well as attend a full-day treatment during the day. A typical day at a residential drug rehab center consists of a full day of drug treatment, including groups and one on one therapy followed by evening activities. Clients eat all meals at the drug rehab center and are generally responsible for their daily chores in the facility. During the day, drug rehab center clients attend therapeutic groups and one on one counseling as well as participate in recreational activity. Adolescent drug rehab center clients participate in educational groups for several hours daily to keep up with school requirements. Drug rehab centers may give random drug tests to ensure compliance.

Most drug treatment professionals think that in many cases, drug treatment at a residential drug rehab center can be more effective than intensive outpatient treatment. Choosing a residential drug rehab center over an outpatient drug rehab center program can depend on many variables. For example: in choosing a drug rehab center for a person that abuses alcohol, it is essential to consider several factors. Is this person a daily drinker, how much is consumed daily, what is the person's age, and are there any medical complications. The American Society of Addictive Medicine considers that daily use of 16 ounces or more of 80 proof alcohol or its equivalent in beer or wine will result in physical addiction to drink over a period of time. This condition is known as Chemical Dependence. In this example, a residential drug rehab center is required due to the necessity of medical monitoring during detox in a drug rehab center.

A residential drug rehab center provides time and structure necessary to make long-lasting changes in behavior. It is certainly beneficial to a person abusing drugs to be removed from the environment in which drugs are used. Treatment at an outpatient drug rehab center may fail when the drug rehab center patient returns home at the end of the day to use drugs with so-called friends. In the case of adolescents and persons who have a history of drug abuse, often most or all of their friends tend to use drugs with them. In cases such as this, the structure of a residential drug rehab center is necessary for long-term success in recovery.

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