There is a couple I know who I really like being with. Their deep commitment to each other's well- being is very clear as they interact with each other. I feel calm, safe and relaxed with them. I like to ride that wave with them.

I have a friend that brings out my quirky sense of humor. We just laugh and carry on together. I really enjoy riding this wave when I am with her.
I volunteer with the Guardian Ad Litem program and when I feel such compassion for these wounded children, it opens my heart. I like that wave too. It's powerful and keeps me grateful.

I love watching a well written and performed play or movie. These waves take me far away into my imagination and it's so nice to forget the outside world for a short time.

Tuning into the different energy shifts are to me a constant reminder to stay present in Presence. I like to practice this when I am with other people or in a situation such as a movie and see what shows up. If I can, I'll show up with no agenda. It's nice to just be with who I am or where I am and ride the wave. It's a little scary sometimes but mostly, it's a lot of fun. I never know what to expect and usually I leave feeling I have spent my time wisely, moving forward with renewed energy.

When I leave a situation feeling tired or negative, then I know I did not stay present in my heart without judgment. The tension, anger or sadness that doesn't feel good, means I've allowed my thoughts to wander into a protective mode to control the situation. It's an illusion to keep me safe but in the long run, I usually have to spent more energy clearing the negative energies I allowed to surface. Which isn't a bad thing really because when turmoil shows up, then it's a chance to clear another baggage that is blocking the fullness of Presence.

Personal growth happens when we ride the waves that either demonstrate to us we are waking up nicely or then again, throw us into desperation. I know that hurts but if you can step out of the hurt and see it from its point of view, you'll have the compassion and love to heal this orphaned side of you crying to return to your heart.

"We think when our hearts start to melt there's something wrong. When the heart starts to ache we start to become so sensitive to the smallest hatred, whether at us or someone hating themselves. We think that's all wrong, that we're supposed to transcend all that and just smile. The only true transcendence, truly embodied transcendence, happen by meeting everything and kissing it right on the face. Anything else is an escape."
Jeannie Zandi Quote (

Start to pay attention to your body sensations and see how certain people or situations trigger in you different patterns of energy. I challenge you to start practicing arriving at your destinations in a gentle, sweet space of Presence and just be with what happens. Flow with the wave and feel it-what do you notice? Are you judging, evaluating, stepping over what doesn't feel good ? Are allowing someone who bothers you to shift into feeling tense, resisting the wave? Once you start practicing to notice these waves, either ones that are enjoyable or desperate, strong or subtle, you start to take back control of your life. You ride the wave but you choose how you want to be effected by it.

No question here, then is there? Wouldn't you want to ride waves of joy, laughter, compassion and inner harmony? It's not always the case but when you allow your self to be present in Presence, at least you feel authentic and confident for any wave that you get on.

What waves do you ride at work, with friends, when you play? What waves do you wish you could ride more ofter OR less often? I would love to hear your comments.
Contact me if you are ready to wake up and feel who you really are.

All is well!

Cynthia Christianson

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Cynthia has been a certified personal and professional coach for over 10 years. She received her certification from Coach U. Cynthia focuses on bringing emotional relief, healing of physical pain and the waking up from beliefs that block success, joy and healthy relationships.She is trained in The Body Transcendent work, Focusing, Certified Theta Healer and Core Belief repatterning.

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