CBD oil has become drastically popular in customers who are looking for an alternate treatment for a range of several diseases, conditions, and ailments. Mainly CBD is obtained from cannabis it is a part of marijuana. It is the second most active component present in marijuana. Pure CBD oil helps in treating various lethal diseases.

CBD oil has shown its magical effects on treating the various skin related disease but with this CBD also contains some risks and side effects.

Some side effects and risks of excessive use of CBD oil

During the review and research CBD oil has shown various side effects on the human body. The benefits of CBD are also not evidential it doesn't work for everyone.

some side effects of CBD oil are as follows: -

• Studies have shown that excessive use of CBD oil can cause liver injury and effects on the kidney is also there in research.
• Excessive use of CBD oil can cause in lowering the mental alertness as CBD oil works on the nervous system and it interacts with neurotransmitters to lower the pain in the human body.
• some studies on the excessive use of CBD oil results in the decreasing appetite in the human body it can cause several metabolism-related problems. Use of pure cbd oil in daily routine can cause excessive lowering of blood pressure which is considered as dangerous for human health.
• Due to the loss in appetite excessive use of CBD cause diarrhea in the human body
• Some people take the CBD with alcohol or with other medicines that are used in the treatment of anxiety and depression. This leads to increasing the risk of sedation and drowsiness.

Some unanswered questions related to the use of CBD oil

Use of CBD is not safe and secure it also shows some side effects and so many questions related to the use of pure CBD oil is unanswered some of them are as follows: -

• There is no answer present for using of dosage of CBD oil. Nobody knows any safe dosage for use.
• The effects of daily use of CBD oil is also unanswered till date.
• Effects of CBD oil on developing brain is also a mystery for the scientist.
• Effects of CBD oil on fetus and infants is also unanswered. Various studies have failed to prove any result.
• Effects of CBD on male fertility and women ovulation is also unanswered till date.

one must consider the side effects of pure CBD oil. Blind use of CBD oil can make you in trouble and you should be aware of the side effects of CBD oil.

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