Web based school management software is a type of the computerize enterprise resource planning which means ERP system which is developed for an enterprise. Today I am going to discussion on School ERP Software. These web based school management software is a part of an enterprise resource planning software. School management software is developed for the educational institution management purpose, which has a large number of entities which includes Teachers, students, parents and school staffs. These days web based school management software is widely used in the educational institutions for the management of school in a proper way. School ERPs helps to manage all the records and information of the students as well as staff members.

Every school manages their records by the various methods. But these records are not managed on a regular basis. So, they need a systematic way to manage these information and records in a regular manner. The best way to manage your daily activities is to install web based school management software in your educationally institutions. It is designed in such a way that each and every school activities can easily managed, which includes students and teachers attendance, library record, events, examination, timetable record, report card, online project management and many more.

Advantage of Web based school management software

These are some of the advantages of school management software.

1. With the help oh school ERP; you can easily interact with the school administration, students, teachers and staff members anytime and anywhere.

2. It helps you to manage regular activities like teachers and students attendance, weekly test records and progress report.

3. 24x7 availability helps you to interact with parents and teachers anytime.

4. Late fine and fees can be automatically calculate and added to the students account in a fraction of second.

5. Management of library record is very simple with school management software.

6. Annual account report can be easily prepared with school ERP.

Thus, web based school management software is very beneficial these days as you can see it is capable of managing all the resource in a centralized manner with a single administration module. This includes various management modules such as Admin, student, accounting, inventory for the management processes and payroll. This is as secure as your bank accounts and it is totally web based or cloud based. All you need is internet connectivity and a perfect web based school management software for your educational institutions.


At present, every educational institution needs a computerize system to manage their school’s information and records on a regular manner. Therefore, web based school management software is very effective and well capable of performing such tasks. School management software not only helpful in maintaining your resource but it is very quick and user friendly.

I hope this article will help you to understand the functions of school ERP. Comment below if you have any quires related to web based school management software.

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Hey Guys i am Soniya Singh and i am a software developer in IFCON Technologies. Recently, i have developed an ERP system for all the educational institutions. IFCON School Pro is web based school management software developed in PHP, which helps you to manage your school or college institutions more efficiently. This application covers all aspects of an educational institutions starting from admissions to alumni.

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