Safety matters a lot everywhere, whether it's either corporate business or an ordinary world everyone needs to stay protected. Many recruiters have seen that Job candidates try to misrepresent information in their resumes to get the job and show like an eligible candidate for the job. Try to hide their frauds like bad background records, last employment records, negative social image, credit history, vehicle registration issues etc. One bad hiring decision could end up costing your company thousands of dollars in turnover costs.

Many background verification companies help ensure a safe and secure workplace for employers and employees with worker verification screening.

Making the right call is especially important when it comes to hiring new employees. During the job recruitment process, Employers must thoroughly check out candidates and verify their claims to be sure they are hiring the right person for the job.

DEWII, as a Risk Mitigation company, helps more companies and small business hire great talent. Uses AI-based advanced technologies to conduct a wide range of verification services including criminal history, reference checks, & employee education verification.

Hiring candidates for more sensitive Job positions like senior manager role, the recruiter might carry an even more thorough investigation. Each approach has different levels of inquiry and comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses for verifying candidates' claims.

If we talk about worker background verification in a company, then there are many verification programs which are conducted by verification companies to verify candidates' resume information to the best of their ability.

Usually, many companies try to follow the DIY verification process, where the employer or recruiter screens the job candidate by contacting given references to verify employment history, taking-off through databases to verify educational degrees credentials, comparing resumes with LinkedIn profiles and checking social media presence as well.

This approach is all time consuming but effective when it comes to investigate low-level job applicants. "Do It Yourself" verification approach costs only time and the precious resources which an employer chooses to dedicate to the project. For a small group of job applicants applying for a normal job, the process can typically be quick and informal, meant only to give the employer a better idea of the accuracy of a candidate's resume.

On the other hand, gathering the information firsthand gives the employer a closer view into each candidate they are considering for the job, which might help in making the final call.

There are a few disadvantages of this DIY approach.

• High Risk of Errors
Without the expertise of professional verification for corporates services, employers run the risk of committing errors or overlook common red flags issues. For example, a job applicant might have been subject to a concerning legal issue. Still, if an employer fails to screen the proper search regarding his background check or credit checks, previous history, they may never know about the reality.

• Time Investment
The biggest drawback of the DIY approach is that it is time-consuming and takes employers or their staff away from other crucial daily office tasks. While it might not cost any money upfront, it still consumes an investment of business resources.

• Limited Scope
Most of the time, employers don't get access to the available databases that background check services would query. Relying on the primary sources or documentation, the job candidate provides only offers some of the scenario, and employers can't be sure they're not missing anything to consider. They don't think of Background verification for corporates services for employee background verification.

But at a point of time, when an employer needs to hire a candidate for a sensitive job position where reliable data needs to keep safe, then never take recruitment process take so light without verification process and protect yourself from the future fraud and any damage to official properties.

The manual verification process of job candidates, especially in high-volume situations, and where point of highly sensitive information comes, maybe impractical to follow.

For employment background screening, try to hire best background verification services to get the best in the right time. Look for a company or agency whose screening platform is easy to use and takes out the hassle of verifying multiple job candidates/employees, integrates with other HR systems and other concerned staff.

Employee capabilities can be customized according to the requirements of an organization and it may deliver fruitful results also in future rather loss of legal property or any fraud.

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Abhishek Sarswat is a blogger cum writer who likes to speak about safety and security issues. In free time, he loves to eat and travel.