According to a survey conducted by WHO, up to 38% of healthcare professionals experience violence at work at some point in their career. It is all too common for home care nurses to have experienced verbal or physical forms of violence at their workplace. So, how do you safeguard yourself during such situations?

We have created a list of safety tips for home care nurses to help prevent volatile situations and avoid highly unpredictable situations:

Stay updated on the latest safety policies and procedures. This should include violence prevention programs that your company has to offer.
Always keep your vehicle fueled up and functioning properly.
Participate in employee safety programs that your company may offer such as self-defense and programs aimed at defusing tense situations.
Report incidents quickly and clearly.
Attend seminars or associations to stay updated.
Always have an emergency kit and safety measures in your purse and vehicle.
Clearly set boundaries with the patient and family members.
Keep your cell phone charged and with you at all times.
Before going to a new location, do some research and familiarize yourself with the surroundings.
Make sure someone in the company and at home knows where you will be and your schedule.
Maintain a behavior that will defuse a stressful situation.
Trust your gut.
Notify your employer if the patient has any weapons in the house.
Carry a small noise-making device in case you have to park your vehicle in remote, dark alleys, or underground basement areas.
Wear comfortable clothing that makes your movements quick and easy.
In addition to these tips, always know your local police station number and emergency numbers in case of an emergency.

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