“Many People Have Been Healed Praying to Saint Faustina”

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Born as Helena Kowalska in 1905 in Poland she became one of the most important saints of all time. Helena was an average child but when she went to church for the first time something changed. She knew right then and there that she wanted to serve God for all the rest of her life.

But her parents resisted and she went on to be a house servant and cleaning lady for many years. Then at the age of 19 while at a dance, Jesus came to her in a vision she saw Jesus was suffering, and Jesus told Helena to join a convent in Warsaw Poland and become a nun and she became Sister Maria Faustina.

Then she started writing her daily diary and she would talk to Jesus and see Jesus in visions. At first, all of this was all shunned by all the fathers and the mother superior. But later Father Michael Sopoćko received her confessions and she told Father Sopocko of seeing and talking with Jesus and he took her very seriously.

Jesus would come to on almost a daily basis and told her of “Divine Mercy” that everyone could have. It did not matter what they had done in their life that Jesus was there for them and would receive them no matter what their history.

Father Sopoćko was so impressed with all the details of her visions and talking with Jesus that he started talking all of this to other professors at the University that he taught at. And he told Eugene Kazimierowski who did a painting of Jesus with two light rays coming out of his heart as Sister Maria Faustina directed him to paint and told him about. And when Sister Maria Faustina saw the finished painting she was overwhelmed because it was almost exactly what she saw in her vision.

Later Sister Maria Faustina talked to everyone about “Divine Mercy” and took images of the painting with her everywhere she went. And later she went to see Archbishop Jałbrzykowski and talked about a new congregation for “Divine Mercy”.

She died at the age of 33 in 1938. But here image of Jesus and her visions and the message of “Divine Mercy” spread like wildfire and even Pope John Paul II saw her message as very important and Pope Francis and both talk about “Divine Mercy” and that everyone is granted Jesus’s love. And Sister Maria Faustina became a saint in 1993.

Many people have prayed to Saint Faustina for healing for lymphedema, heart conditions, and many other health challenges and have been miraculously healed.

Her diary can be found on amazon.com

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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