Some of the experiences that can be gained by living in foreign countries can be priceless. The friends, photos and memories will be some of the most cherished for years after the experience. Not to mentioned the many interesting doors that can open due to knowing an extra language.

Salamanca is a high-density student populated city in Spain located approximately 200km north of Madrid by train. With approximately 170,000 habitants, a high portion of those being students, the city is a well-known university town. The city is known for its vibrant energy thanks to its young population giving the city a healthy energetic vibe that makes a transition year one to never forget.

Spanish Immersion is a beautiful way to learn a language. Salamanca is a budget friendly city in comparison to other cities throughout Europe and is considered one of the safest places in Spain. The city is oozing with culture and there are always things to do for international students. During the summer days it’s very common to see people conversing in the city’s plazas or outside cafes. The city is full of 12th century cathedrals and amazing architecture giving students many things to explore when they’re not studying. Salamanca has a reputation for having some of the cleanest Spanish in Spain also. With many dialects of Spanish on offer in the world selecting a location for Spanish immersion can often be a contributing factor to the decision. This does not pose an issue in Salamanca. During the immersion you will not only be learning the Spanish language but also be launching yourself into the Spanish culture where you will taste some of the finest Spanish food the country has to offer.

Salamanca is also home to one of the biggest Christian events in the world. Every year in September youthful people flock to Salamanca for the Virgen de la Vega an event that attracts thousands to visit Salamanca’s beauty and support the event. The city is also home to a football team to help immerse you into the Spanish culture. The Spanish are fanatical football supporters and this was highlighted when they won the 2010 Football World Cup. This victory sent the country wild with people celebrating in the streets for the weeks that followed. A visit to a local Salamanca game will provide an excellent experience.

With Salamanca’s close proximity to Madrid residents are able to experience the benefits of living in a smaller student populated town but still have the option to participate in the culture and various events that are on offer in Madrid. Accommodation in Madrid is known to be more expensive than that of Salamanca yet its benefits will still only be a friendly two hour train ride away. Along with Madrid there are neighbouring towns to Salamanca that can also provide a close adventure for an exploration with your newly studied Spanish.

After a Spanish immersion a good base of the language can be established in a short period of time allowing for further Spanish ambitions. With the extra language skills achieved during the Salamanca experience the student can expect to broaden their work options with new an interesting work possibilities. With English and Spanish, two of the main languages in the world, both of these will surely be an asset for future endeavors.

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