Digital marketing is one of the most popular and lucrative sectors in online business. With every passing day, the popularity is growing, even more, opening up scope for talented marketers to try their career in this field. India has been one of the most prominent markets for online business and hence, digital marketing sector has boomed in this country in the past few years like never before. But of course, not only in India but all across the globe, digital marketing has gained much popularity, making ways for potential marketers to have a great career opportunity.

All about Digital Marketing:

With so much being talked about digital marketing, it is indeed a matter of question as to what exactly digital marketing is. To be precise and simple, digital marketing is an online promotional platform that is carried out on the web, commonly known as the internet. Digital marketing scope has surpassed the traditional marketing platforms and is the biggest and fastest medium of mass communication. It offers ample scope in the marketing field, in India and abroad.

Digital Marketing Scope in India:

For the past few years, the digital marketing sector has seen a boom in India as well as all over the world. There have been more than 1.5 lac job opportunities in the digital marketing sector, alone in the year 2016. The following year, the number jumped to 8 lac. The idea of Digital India and its promotion by the Prime Minister of the country has promised for an even more digitalized country. When the government has taken initiative to provide digital services to the citizens, it is clearly evident that the scope of digital marketing in India is only going to rise in the coming years.

Reasons behind the Popularity of Digital Marketing in India and Abroad:

●Digital is New, Digital is Trendy:

There was a time when traditional media platforms took the marketing world by storm. Now it is the internet that is the newest thing in town. The choices and preferences of people have switched to the internet and with more digital services and facilities; people are being drawn towards the digital marketing campaigns more than anything else.

●Digital is Easy:

The digital world is designed in a very user-friendly manner and if you have access to the internet, it does not take much time to explore the interesting world of digital media and marketing on your own. This draws the attention of new learners every day.

●Job Opportunities:

With more users being drawn towards the digital media and marketing platform and digital marketing scope, it opens up more job opportunities every day. The booming numbers have already been mentioned. Creative and enthusiastic marketers are joining the digital marketing world and utilizing these job opportunities.

●Digital is Fast:

Traditional media and mass communication platforms such as newspapers, radio, television etc. have not been the things for “marketing on the go”. However, digital media can make news trending in an hour. With so many people having access to and using the smartphones and the internet, digital marketing is the fastest option for marketing and promotion.

●Huge Returns for Small Investments:

Marketers and advertisers are being drawn towards digital marketing sector because it takes way less of an investment as compared to the traditional media such as newspaper, billboards, television etc. and fetches far greater returns within a short period of time.

The scope of Digital Marketing Abroad:

Along with India, where new digital marketing companies are coming up every now and then, foreign countries too are experiencing the boom, opening new scopes and opportunities for digital marketing. Pune has been the hub for digital marketing companies in India. The USA, the country with a great deal of technological advancement has also welcomed digital marketing and has implemented it as one of their major factors in the digital infrastructure. The same can be said for Canada as well as Dubai. Dubai has offered 3650 digital marketing jobs alone in the month of August 2017. So, it can well be said that it is the present and the future offering great digital marketing scope. Finding a career in this field will prove to be very fortunate for everyone with vision and creative talents.

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