Selenium RC is a predominant mechanical assembly to make motorized preliminary out of web applications. You can make robotized tests in your favored programming vernacular, and running those tests on different blend of projects, for instance, Chrome, Firefox or IE.

Selenium adventure collects a course of action of instruments for making mechanized preliminary out of destinations: Selenium RC (remote control), Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid and Selenium 2 (on beta) or, as such type of Selenium RC. Selenium training in Bangalore These contraptions ascended out of a Javascript library that was used to drive relationship on a site page on different projects called Selenium Core.

Selenium RC is a client/server based application that empowers you to control web programs using the going with parts

• Selenium Server: Uses Selenium focus and programs worked in JavaScript go between to process selenese headings, (for instance, snap, sort) and report back results.
• Selenium Client Libraries: Are the API's for the programming tongues to talk with Selenium server.

Running Selenium Server:-

Download Selenium RC from, the pack contains Selenium server, a Java shock record (Selenium-server.jar).

Selenium server must run have the ability to execute the tests. You can run it using the going with request:
C:\>java - shake [SeleniumServerPath]\selenium-server.jar - natural


This system instates Selenium by making an event of DefaultSelenium (Default execution of Selenium interface) showing the going with parameters:

• Host name on which the Selenium server is running (localhost).
• The port on which Selenium server is tuning in (when we started Selenium server as per usual it tunes in on port 4444).
• The arrange string used to dispatch the program, e.g. "*firefox", "*iexplore" or "c:\\program files\\internet explorer\\iexplore.exe",
• The starting URL, Selenium starts the program pointing at the Selenium resources on this URL (

The start methodology snacks the program and begins another Selenium testing session.


The stop procedure shuts the Selenium testing session and murders the program.


This is a clear test that opens page, taps on the "Adventures" interface, sits tight for the page to stack (with a timeout of 3 seconds) and asserts that the substance "Selenium IDE" is accessible on the page.
Favorable circumstances of having Selenium electronic tests:
Selenium modernized tests have given the going with points of interest on my exercises:

• Execute backslide tests easily and have quick contribution about the application's status.
• Run a comparative course of action of tests with different projects, we've gotten valuable botches present in one program and not in the others.
• Run a comparable plan of tests on different code branches (and projects) on general everyday practice in a diligent coordination condition.

When creating Selenium tests review:

• Tests that passageway segments by id run speedier than getting to parts using xpath explanations.
• Use instruments like xpather and firebug to quickly discover segments.
• Selenium IDE is helpful to record Selenium headings while executing associations on the UI.
• Run your Selenium tests normally in a controlled area using predictable joining contraptions which incorporates motorized frame, send and testing process.
• You can run different tests meanwhile running Selenium server on different ports.

Page Objects:-

Page Objects is a precedent that helps structure electronic test code to beat reasonability issues; this is the way by which page objects has any kind of effect:

Procedures on a page challenge address the "organizations" that a page offers (instead of revealing the purposes of intrigue and mechanics of the page). For example the organizations offered by the Inbox page of any online email system:

• Compose another email
• Read a single email

How these are realized shouldn't have any effect to the test.
The favorable position is that there is only a solitary place in your test suite with learning of the structure of the HTML of a particular (some bit of a) page.

Layout of Page Objects:-

• Represent the screens of your web application as a movement of things
• Do not need to address an entire page
• Public systems address the organizations that the page offers
• Try not to reveal the internals of the page
• Generally don't make assertions
• Methods return diverse PageObjects
• Different results for a comparative movement are shown as different systems
• Check that the "Test Framework" is on the correct page when we instantiate the PageObject

Points of interest achieved by applying page objects:-

• There is one place having the learning of the structure of the pages (the page dissent)
• Navigation between the pages.
• Changes in a page are in one place (diminishing duplication).
• Easy to discover code.
• Less dependence between the examinations and Selenium, since most Selenium code will be arranged on the page question.
• As the proportion of tests assembles, the page objects address a more diminutive level of the general test code.

Forming feasible electronic tests:-

Coming up next are key norms our gathering seeks after when creating mechanized tests:

1. Readability: We require tests to be formed in a way that even a last customer can scrutinize them and fathom them.
2. Maintainability: Writing robotized test with c# (or other programming lingo) and Selenium is proportionate as making application code, so we should seek after coding best practice and OO guidelines.
3. Robustness and Flexibility: Robust tests that won't break with little changes, having the ability to do changes with decreased impact. Tests should be repeatable: I can run it again and again and it will leave or come behind short a comparable way each time.
4. Collaboration and Team Work: We require our tests sorted out in a way that grants basic joint exertion and reuse between partners.

Once-over of other Selenium adventures:-

Selenium IDE is a Firefox add-on that empowers you to record and playback exercises performed on a site page. Also you can organize recorded tests to port them to Selenium RC (C#, java, perl, php, python, ruby), while doing all things considered change them with common sense considerations said on the article. Using this is fine to start selenium training in Marathahalli, yet it quickly ends up being speedier coding the tests direct.

Selenium Grid is a response for scale Selenium RC tests, allowing running tests on parallel, differing machines and conditions. Selenium 2 is the accompanying variation of Selenium RC, or, as it were of consolidating WebDriver and Selenium RC.

WebDriver is another gadget for making robotized preliminary out of locales anyway was planned to address some Selenium RC controls like Same Origin Policy. The thing that issues is that WebDriver controls the program itself using neighborhood techniques for the program and working system. Selenium 2 supports the WebDriver API and is backward impeccable with Selenium RC, which infers you can even now run tests made with this interpretation.

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