Whether you believe it or not, it’s human nature to take the path of least resistance. We just want all our tasks to be accomplished in the shortest possible time and that too with least efforts. That’s what self service support helps with.

As customers, we just want our queries to be resolved as soon as possible. We want to be empowered so that we are able to solve all our problems by ourselves. Self service support is a way that the businesses, especially the smaller ones choose to do just what the customers require. Apart from empowering the customers and increasing the agents’ productivity, there’s a lot a self service support can do. Read on to know.

It helps enable a 24/7 customer support:
Self service support is a great way to empower your customers. Customers can easily tackle the less complex issues or the repetitive queries that they may be having. Undoubtedly, this remains one of the biggest benefits of a self-service solution for the customers. As far as the agents are concerned, they can focus on more complex issues and increase their productivity.

It helps create a community:
You can ignite meaningful engagements between all your customers by introducing an open Q&A section into your self service portal. The section will provide an efficient platform to the customers where they can share their ideas. They can even use this section to voice their opinions regarding your products and services. This will further encourage the customers to indulge into meaningful conversations and build strong relationships with one another.

Enables the customers to widen their knowledge:
The customers are supposed to use certain tools and refer to how-to-videos, tutorials, guides and more to resolve their queries on their own. Using these tools and guides they can not only solve their problems but also learn new things.They can further know your product inside out and get the best deals for their money.

Enriches social engagement:
We all know that putting up a solid knowledge base on your website can help customers find answers to their queries without any assistance. There’s a lot more to this self service support element. It can actually be a rich resource of news and information for your social media pages. In other words, you can use your knowledge base to boost social media activity by posting fresh pieces of information about your products on social platforms. This would eventually enhance user experience and enrich social engagement for your business.

Self service support tool when used appropriately, can work wonders for your customer service!

Source : https://www.livechatagent.com/benefits-self-service-support

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