The flurry of algorithmic changes ushered in by Google in the past few years have made their intentions clear. Businesses have to concentrate on pleasing their human readers first. All Google updates implemented in the recent past have made the obvious effort to give well-researched, original, and relevant content higher ranks than write-ups with only keywords stuffed in them. SEO marketers have had to unlearn a few tricks of the trade and relearn new strategies. The search engine results pages are fiercely-fought battlegrounds, and it is time the marketers learned a few more SEO lessons that will stand them in good stead in 2014.
Content Marketing is the Key
Be it the Panda, the Penguin, or the Hummingbird, Google's updates have all harped on providing fresh and relevant content to your target audience. This means that this year too, marketers will have to focus on creating robust content marketing strategies. The rules are simple. Dish out new, informative, original, and engaging content to your customers. Share your content on social media. Build your Google Authorship by regularly publishing meaningful content for your audience.
Do Not Slack on Your Social Media Marketing Efforts
With the world going "social" in the virtual way, it was only a matter of time before Google spiders too started noticing and tracking social signals. This means that marketers have to integrate their SEO strategies with powerful social media marketing tactics. Brands should ensure that they are active on all the social networking sites that their customers hang out on, build attractive profiles, and most importantly, connect and engage with their fans, friends, and followers by sharing helpful content, answering questions, and resolving problems promptly. Marketers should also collaborate with content creators to craft content that is shareable on social media.
Do Not Neglect Google Plus
While engaging with their customers on Facebook and Twitter will still remain pillars of the social media marketing strategies of most brands, they should also not neglect Google Plus. Google Plus has firmly established itself as an immensely popular social networking site where marketing brings its unique SEO advantages. Build your Google Author Rank by tying your business's Google Plus page to the content you publish all over the Web. Engage with your audience on this social networking site and garner the +1's for your content. You will soon see your business move up the ranks on Google.
Go Mobile
With more and more people using mobile devices to access and use the Internet, you have had to mobilize your website. Now concentrate on improving your site's performance on mobile devices as well so that your SEO efforts do not go to waste.
White Hat SEO Tactics Are Still the Best Practices
Needless to say, the golden rule of SEO still remains true in 2014. Practice only white hat SEO tactics to remain in the good books of Google. Remember no spamming and no posting copied content. After all, it is not just about SEO. You also have your brand reputation to think of.
Pin the above-mentioned SEO lessons for 2014 in front of you so that your SEO strategy is effective and shows enviable results.

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