When giving service, it’s of utmost importance to remember the one we see in the mirror. Because helping others without helping ourselves leaves us feeling lifeless. But when we help ourselves and others we have a great life.

What is Service?

Service can be as simple as giving a smile to everyone we meet. Or it can be taking food and water to those who are hungry. And it can be teaching people to read and write so they can be part of society and feel good about themselves. But service can also be the simple task of helping a neighbor with his yard. Or checking in on the older woman that lives two doors down… making sure she is OK and giving her a hand now and then.

And service can be giving food, one of my favorite ways of giving service is cooking a large meal and then giving much the food to all the neighbors in the area. People are always happy to have a hot meal… especially older people who have a hard time cooking.

Service is About Spreading Love

Whenever we help someone we are giving service. And helping someone is a type of love, a special love that is given from the heart that makes all the difference in the world.

And giving service is great but we have to remember to give service to ourselves first. If we are giving to others all the time sooner or later we feel used up and life gets is out of balance. I have seen this a thousand of times. People giving so much service to others… that their family is not doing well, and they are behind on paying their bills… and they have lots of stress.

Remember - Spread Love to Thyself First

When Giving Service a Person Has to Taken into Account 3 Things.

Do I Have the Time?

We must really be honest with ourselves because if we are running all the time… and then place another stress on our life… that’s not a positive process.

Do I Have the Energy?

We also need to ask; Do have the energy to do what I need to do? If not, that is super important, spreading our energy too thin will only create more havoc in our life and may even make us sick.

Do I Have the Resources?

And lastly, do I have the resources? Can I afford to give whatever it is I am giving? If a person’s finances are stretched super thin… then adding another burden might not be good.

Most of Us Can Give

Most of us do have the time, energy, and resources to make some kind of contribution to society and the world. And if all of us did help someone… the world would be a better place.

So go out and help someone who needs a helping hand.

You will feel good about yourself and they will feel great.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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