It's been months of fear, loss, and uncertainty.

Anxiety is threatening our society and we are struggling to adapt to the new normal.
When the coronavirus hit, we started questioning how we have been living.

Spiritualists said that God was calling us to change our moral conduct.
Environmentalists said that the universe was tired of how we treat it and was signaling us; while political analysts said that it was a wake-up call for governments to start caring more for the people they serve.

I agree with all three.

The lockdown has brought us together, made us stronger and more mindful of each other.

I guess that's why countless people around the world are on the streets right now to put an end to racism.

The major problem facing us though is how to bounce back.

The beauty of we human beings is that our bodies were built with the capacity to adapt. Countless studies like this one, Human biological adaptability produced by Dr. Dennis O'Neil from Palomar College, California has proven that Just like we adopted lockdown, we will adopt to getting back into the World.

All we need are some tips to help us through.

So let’s explore seven habits that will help us stay mindful and stress-free as we bounce back to the world from lockdown.

Create a New Routine

Now that you understand that our bodies can adapt, it's time to adapt to going back to the new normal.

One way to do this is by creating a new routine.

Set regular times to eat, sleep, and wake-up. work out, diarize the working calendar, and plan your tasks. List down stuff you would love to achieve within a given day or week. Categorize unfinished tasks by their importance. If you are back in the office and was used to working from home while listening to soft background music to calm your mind and make you productive, find out from your boss if they can let you do this at the office.

Unlock your inner creativity

For many people, the lockdown stagnated their dreams, for one because their goals are only achievable in the outside world. If you fall in this category, it's possible that you feel depressive feelings because even if the world is re-opening, it has only partially reopened and you don't know how to go about chasing your dreams again.

Here is what you can do. Start writing down your dreams again and envision them. What this does is that it helps your brain create strategies of how to achieve your dreams.

So every morning when you wake up or before you go to bed, take a notebook and pen and fill it up with anything that comes to your mind and in whatever order. This will also help your brain in relieving stress, boosting efficiency, boosting memory.

Meditate Often

Meditation produces positive well-being, physically and mentally. It helps to calm down anxious minds, gives a new perspective to succeed in life, decrease stress, find inner stillness, and depressive feelings when the outer world becomes tumultuous. If you are new to meditation, you may want to use meditation apps or follow world-renowned mediation guides on social media.

Play a game

Some people get so productive after playing a game they love-it helps to get over your emotions. Do you love building puzzles? There are a plethora of websites offering both desktop and mobile players to play games. Here is a list of the best live Games To Play in 2020. Games like these tremendously stimulate your brain, making it an ideal activity to keep your mind in check.

Take deep breaths

Taking a deep breath pushes out the negativity of the present scenario that may lay within you. Stay cognizant by taking slow deep breaths and noticing your five senses when doing activities. Notice the sight of something that makes you happy, hear a beautiful sound of music, taste a delicious meal, and touch something that gives you inner peace.

Connect with nature

Spending more time surrounded by nature improves your health and boosts your happiness. Spend more time on your patio, in the garden or take a socially-distanced run or walk in the park (as permitted). Focus on your surroundings by noticing the beauty of flowers, birds, and trees. Connect with nature at the comfort of your house by seeing the beauty of the sky, trees, and plants around. Listen to recorded nature sounds or buy an office plant for calming and improving mood effects. If you have been carrying out some of these activities from home, continuing them at the office between breaks will make you feel amazing.

Exercise regularly

I can't say it enough, exercising regulates your mind giving you the power to pay attention, reason well, solve problems, and have long-term memory. Staying fit and active boosts your positivity while improving cognitive functions. Working out gives you the amazing power to overcome the current situation and bounce back to a healthy life with good energy to conquer the world.

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Esther Muwombi is a freelance writer and Journalist that enjoys living in a healthy body.She writes about fitness, travel, technology and gathers news stories for large media outlets in her part of the World. She has been doing this for the past 11 years and enjoys every bit of it.