Many people are getting rid of their traditional dentist because they want a doctor who is concerned about the chemicals and toxins being used in dentistry today. They want those who use natural ingredients, who avoid procedures that are harmful and promote solutions for overall health instead of oral health. If you are interested in finding a natural dentist, you can follow these steps.

Search online -- If you search for natural dentists, biological dentists or holistic dentists, you will find a few who understand about the dangers in dentistry, such as sealants, root canals and fillings. You might find those dentists who are mercury-free, but they still do other procedures. Although these dentists might fit your needs, they aren’t 100 percent natural dentists.
Ask family or friends -- People who are trying to reduce toxicity in their lives tend to band together. Therefore, ask your family or friends if they have heard of anyone who practices dentistry without the chemicals or other issues. If they recommend a particular dentist, you should pay attention because you trust your friend’s opinion.
Pick three -- Choose two or three dentists from your list. Look at their websites and learn about their practice. Find out their philosophy and what they do differently from other dentists in your area.
Ask questions -- You will want to interview your three dentists. When you call, ask for a consultation. During the interview, express your concerns and ask the dentist how he handles those situations. If you are not feeling happy with your choice, find another one. After you have interviewed all of them, choose the one who is most aligned with your philosophy and lifestyle.
Initial exam -- Schedule an exam. Let the dentist and hygienist work on your mouth. During this exam, you will get a feel for how they operate in a regular setting. If you aren’t satisfied, you can choose another dentist. You can ask more questions during the exam to allay your fears or eliminate your confusion.
Read reviews -- Before you schedule your appointment, you want to read what others are saying about your dentist. You can read reviews on Yelp or other review sites. If people are generally positive about the dentist, you probably have made a good choice. However, if the reviews are generally negative, you have to ask yourself why that might be. In some cases, the negative review might revolve around one particular incident, which would negate the negativity.
Be happy -- When you find the dentist you prefer, you should schedule your appointment and get your professional exam and cleaning completed. If you follow these steps correctly, you will be happy with your choice. You will have chosen a natural dentist who fits your lifestyle and promotes your overall health.

Why Choose a Natural Dentist?

You want to choose natural dentists because they think that your teeth are an integral part of your body and affect your overall health. They recognize that your oral health can affect other parts of your body. When they recommend a treatment for a problem in your mouth, they consider how this treatment will influence the rest of your body and overall health. For example, they might recommend a tooth extraction instead of root canal therapy to prevent bacteria from entering your bloodstream. They might use a laser to eliminate cavities instead of using fillings. They might tell you to use toothpaste with natural ingredients instead of store brands. Natural dentists are in tune with current research that talks about toxins in the mouth and those that come from dental procedures. They work hard to make sure you don’t suffer from these needless procedures.

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