Should Couples Eat Together: How Food Can Keep You and Your Spouse Happy Together

The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so the cliche goes. But the other way around is also very true. So if you're a couple who loves food and tasting new food outside your home, you can use it as an effective way of strengthening your relationship.

Whether you're the one who is fond of cooking food for your loved ones or one who has a partner who is a good cook, you are very lucky. Having great cooking skills is a blessing as it gives you the opportunity to share wonderful dishes with your family and experiment with new recipes that even be your very own. On the other hand, if you don't have those skills but has a partner who's great in cooking, you should appreciate the effort your spouse does and the love he or she is sharing with you through his cooking.

Did you know that couples who share a love for food can actually end up together for a long time or even a lifetime? Their common denominator here is food and they can do many things together that will center on this.

Cooking at home is just one of the ways you can enjoy each other's company. People who are inspired normally come up with delicious food particularly if it's meant for their partner. The thought of you spending a romantic dinner at home can motivate you to do your best in preparing delectable food that will delight your other half. In this instance, you're not only sharing your love but even good food as well and you can be sure that this dining experience will become memorable.

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Outside the home, you and your spouse can schedule a dinner date once every week or twice a month. It's up to you to decide where to eat out but remember to think variety. Don't just stick to your favorite restaurant because with the numerous dining places around today, you have a wide choice. You may also want to give each other the chance to decide on a particular place every now and then so there's a little surprise involved.

Dining out once in a while is a great opportunity for you and your partner to be alone and spend a romantic and quiet dinner together. This is also your chance to try on other types of food and talk about your personal plans for your family.

Another option is to host lunch, brunch or dinner at home for your common friends. You can do it on weekends when everyone is free. A barbecue party will be fun and you can do it at your own backyard. This can encourage your guests to help out in the grilling.

Finally, don't forget to surprise your loved one by buying his favorite food every now and then. It doesn't have to be many as long as you know it will make him or her happy.

So remember that food can be the one that can keep you and your spouse together. Enjoy it as much as you can to spice up your life.

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In these situations, the most common reason for failing marriage is because of the lack of any kind of communication between the couple. So if you intend on saving your marriage, the first step that you should take is to talk it out with your partner; heart to heart conversations can actually make a world of difference. Getting all your feelings out in the open is not a bad idea at all.

Another reason for failing marriage could also be because of the intense familiarity in the relationship. The usual result of such a situation is that the couple forget to think of each other as separate human beings with different needs and even forget to respect each other. Even the most common ways of appreciating each other with a "please" or a "thank you" may have been forgotten and such a thing can put a large dent into the successful progress of a marriage. To save a marriage, you need to get back to the fundamentals of a relationship.

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If you really want to save your marriage, you must start with a clean slate. That means to get rid of the worldly attitudes and practices that have polluted your marriage and follow God's plan for your marriage instead. We're so used to treating our marriage like everyone else does, or the way we were taught, or from what we think is the right way to handle it, but look where all that has gotten many of our marriages of today.

We have to change our attitude. Why is it so difficult for people to recognize the need for God's design in their marriage? I think it is because of lack of faith. If we had more faith in the power of Christ working in our lives we would be applying Christ's principles into our marriage. We have to change the way our heart thinks. We do this by asking God into our lives and letting His ways be our guide.

Reality dictates that a person can never truly change themselves for their spouse and so going to marriage gurus for advice usually doesn't work. They tell us what we need to do to change something about ourselves for our spouse. But it won't work! We have to go to God! For example: If a spouse is acting immorally do you think they can change themselves to not behave in that way just because their spouse has asked them to? I don't think it will work in the long run. If it doesn't come from the heart of the doer than how can they change?

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But when we know and study God's Word and change our own patterns and negative attitudes for ourselves we help pull the marriage back together. It's not that we don't want to be good spouses-its just that because as imperfect as we are, we still need God in our lives to help us lead a Godly life. He is our Source for everything! Christian living is not about going to church once a week it is a lifestyle, and we have to change our ungodly ways because we love God with all of our heart, mind, and soul.

God gives us the power through the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ to lead our lives with wisdom and righteousness. But if we are too proud to go to God with our attitudes and ungodly ways, we'll never have a clean slate. We'll never learn how to perceive how marriage is supposed to be based on the One who created it, because we're so busy creating our marriage the way we think it ought to be!! In other words, we're managing our marriage, which was created and established by God without God! Can that be possible?

Marriage absolutely needs a firm foundation for support but if the foundation is rocky with wayward patterns, views, and attitudes it will eventually come tumbling down. For instance if a wife or a husband make their career more important than each other, the marriage will obviously be supported on the "Me, Me, Me attitude". They don't realize that making a career more important-working longer hours for more money is not the way to having a happy marriage. It is the opposite way to be happy in marriage.

We have to keep our focus on Jesus and then make changes in ourselves and for the marriage-otherwise it won't work and your marriage will end up with the rest of the divorce statistics. You can start with a clean slate by giving up old behaviors and patterns. Give your old attitude to God. Let Him bury it for you. Then ask Jesus Christ into your marriage and make Him and His principles the most important part of your life.

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The traditional symbol for a third wedding anniversary is leather. Why is this? You have to admit the symbolism is appropriate. Leather is durable, warm, strong, flexible resilient and in many ways associated with deep comfort, like a solid, rewarding married life. Those older than about 50 still respond with a warm smile at the mention of "Rich, Corinthian Leather", the interior appointment of an otherwise mediocre car in the 70's. Plus, resiliency, warmth, strength, flexibility admittedly help a marriage survive and thrive, so what better way to represent it? So what gift ideas and romantic notions might we use to celebrate a third wedding anniversary? Here are ten rich, original ideas.

1 For him, a new wallet. If this seems way too obvious, it's not just any wallet. Even if he doesn't need a new place to store his money, credit cards, pictures of you and the kid(s), this leather wallet is distinctive because it comes fresh out of the box with three crisp, new $100 bills. What are they for? One each for the three cards you've inserted, giving him access to one of three different getaways or treats you've selected. Take in a fancy restaurant; travel together to a weekend spa; buy him a selection of massage oils, waxes and application devices, then use them with him. Some new wallet. He'll love it.

2 For her, a new leather handbag, or purse filled with, you guessed it, three crisp, new $100 bills. See number one.

3 For both of you, a three hour getaway at a full-service relaxation spa. Get your hair done--yes, both of you--get a full body massage, a manicure, pedicure, whirlpool treatment and facial. You've been together three years, and are really great friends. Make this a memorable treat; you deserve it.

4 Take a day off work, just because you can. Even in today's economy three years together means a lot. Your boss will get it, and you'll be glad you did. Take a road trip to a completely e-mail/FaceBook/MySpace/Twitter free zone. Go to a state park for the day, or stay home with the blinds shut, the TV off and the computers cold. Pamper each other. Fix lunch together. Let the phone ring. Make love at two in the afternoon.

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5 Write separate accounts of the last three years, and then share them. Journaling is a great way to keep a marriage fresh anyway. Writing our daily interactions can be rewarding, revealing and refreshing. Plus, even though it may not be literature, the postings add up, and could become a history of your relationship. Imagine three years of notes to your spouse, all half a page. That's 460 pages of your shared experience in marriage.

6 Fix a three course meal together. But do it separately. Tricky? yes, but it would be fun to show your mate that you're aware of his or her preferences, and that you care enough about them to prepare what they love. It would be gratifying to see what they fix, too. Do dessert together.

7 Make an effort to start walking three miles a day together. This won't be easy, but in our sedentary society, it's probably the best thing we can do for each other. After three years we're comfortable together, and know each other really well. This facility can lead to a bit of complacency by three years. And that needs constant attention to keep it from eroding the relationship. Walking together has many benefits: it's possibly the best exercise there is; it can help us lose weight; walking is injury-free; and it gives us that much more time together. Three miles is about perfect, and all it costs is shoe leather.

8 Set the alarm for three am. Then get up, sneak outside, and watch the sun come up together snuggling under a warm blanket. Fix hot chocolate, or a pot of tea. Try to stay silent, just cuddling and kissing. And try to remember you're outside, likely in a public place. If you can't stop yourselves, go back in the house.

9 Write three separate love notes to each other. Mail them the same day. Mail them to her office, or his place of business. Make them three different colors. Inside each note scribble something you'll do for your mate--a back rub, a massage, a bubble bath. Make the notes like IOUs. It's the simple things that matter most.

10 Three red roses is still romantic as it gets. They're not leather, or crystal, the other symbol for three years, but they say I love you, and I'd marry you all over again. Flowers are appropriate no matter what.

Three years together is an accomplishment. The third anniversary may be a time to reflect on how you've done reaching goals, becoming closer, showing friends and others what a solid marriage looks like. By this time there may be children around, scuffling through the house. Three years is a good time to reinforce that your marriage is about the two of you, and is not centered around the kids. It's easy to make children the focus, and lose sight of the two of you. Leather is flexible, rich and supple. It wears well. In fact, as leather ages, it becomes more comfortable, and warmer. Like a good marriage. Congratulations, and happy third anniversary.

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