Women have given a tough fight to all the negative perceptions about them. They have proved themselves in every sphere of life, including the complicated field of entrepreneurship. As per recent research done, the last ten years have seen organizations led by females perform 65 percent better than the organizations led by men in terms of return on investment. Today, women are presenting a supreme willingness and capacity to organize, grow, and manage a business enterprise. However, even today, women establish only 14% of the total businesspersons in India.
Today, women entrepreneurs are in search of better opportunities across the globe. We must realize that it is high time to mobilize women entrepreneurs' new skills and abilities in India. Several studies and researches have disclosed that India's Gross domestic product can increase by 20% to 25% just by giving equal job opportunities to women. The barriers for women are because of gender favoritism, which leads to poor social and cultural receiving.
To solve these problems, several national startup missions are progressing to let out a unique capacity development program for the startup, led by women entrepreneurs. These workshops for startups will identify and support women who aspire to establish a startup and women who have already found their startup journeys by-
1. Organizing workshops for women startups and forming a community of women entrepreneurs to encourage peer-to-peer culture and teamwork.
2. Nurturing, mentorship, and providing business sustenance services so the women entrepreneurs can effortlessly access and connect the local ecosystem.
3. Spreading information about several initiatives and opportunities and helping women entrepreneurs to make the best use of these opportunities.
It is time for women entrepreneurs to fulfill their ambitions without fear of losing the benchmarks set for them by somebody else, and establish a giant corporation in the future.
Training programs: There are two types of training programs for women entrepreneurs in different stages of business.
Training Program 1: Trigger Your Startup!
This training program is for women who have a business that does not generate any revenue or for women who have an idea or a plan to start a business.
Training Program 2: REACH!
This training program aims for women entrepreneurs who have established a tech or technology-based business. This program is for women whose companies generate revenue. Still, the industry requires an additional push to stimulate growth in terms of revenue and job creation.
Contemporarily a wave of establishing startup instinct has hit several youths, who see themselves as potential business tycoons of the future. Every day, men and women from diverse walks of life jump into the pool of inestimable opportunities and encounters. However, owing to the age-old gender inequality present in business, women entrepreneurs are destined to confront twice as many encounters as men. Thus, women startups' workshops aim to break the conventional and male-controlled society's outlook and help women entrepreneurs endure these challenges. Workshops for startups are mentoring women entrepreneurship platforms that aim to change women entrepreneurs' lives over peer-to-peer systems.
Suppose women entrepreneurs have a specific business idea or have been in business for years but have never written a business plan. In that case, these workshops for women startups are for you. Each workshop will help you move forward in your business with reliance. Initially, with the basics of conducting informative marketing research for your business, framing the basic marketing strategy to reach out your best customer, and reconnoitering how to create financial plans that will sustenance its feasibility.

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