While starting or running a business many times you come across a question whether should you outsource your accounting or should you do it yourself?

Accounting should also be done for small business and startups. Startup accounting services and firm provide all the services to startups.

Few of the reasons because of which such doubt for implementing outsourced accounting arises.
1. We are a small business we don’t have so much of accounting to do

2. Bookkeeping compliance is not applicable to us as per the Income Tax Act or any other Act.

3. We have some knowledge of accounting and can be done by ourselves.

4. Outsourced accounting is an expensive option for small businesses like ours.

5. We have security issues for outsourcing accounting. We will have in-house accounting only.

And the list is never ending…

Before I address such issues I would like to throw some light on one of the important financial concepts .

There is a concept in the world of finance which is known as Cost – Benefit Analysis. Which states that for every expense or investment, the benefit derived from it should be compared with the amount of expense. If the benefit is more than the expense then it is beneficial to incur that expense.

We have always heard that the first-mover advantage for opportunities is for those who can take decisions instantly, and yes it is true , but taking business decisions without proper and up to date accounting is just like shooting an arrow in the dark which is highly risky and not recommended.

Let’s see some of the benefits of outsourced accounting services.
1. Accounting brings business vision to reality , it is a reflection of business workings

2. Benefit of outsourced accounting is way more than its cost of implementation.

3. Cost of incorrect accounting is way too high to be affordable by any business owner, as good decisions can be made only through good accounting.

4. Outsourced accounting gives timely/instant and accurate profit and loss reports.

5. Year end burden of finalising the accounts is reduced as it keeps your accounts up to date.

6. Accounting by persons other than those internal to the organisation can help mitigate frauds to a great extent.

7. It is Real-Time Based accounting. It keeps a check on the expense budget to an organization so that necessary steps could be taken instantly.

8. It saves time and efforts for filing compliance returns under various laws and relieves you from unnecessary penalties due to late filings wherever applicable.

9. Revenue, growth and analysis of past trends can be easily monitored as a proper backup system is implemented in such outsourcing firms to keep your data intact and secure.

10. Having an in-house accounting team may prove to be an expensive option to the enterprise as compared to a firm of outsourced accounting , because such firms have a complete team of professionals to look after your accounts and you are saved from hiring specialists for each function of accounting for your business.

11. Last but absolutely not the least it gives you the freedom to just think about different ways of growing business and relieve yourself from the burden of how to outsource accounting.

As clearly seen from the above discussion, not outsourcing your accounting may save you some money but its benefits are far more than its cost. It is a vital aspect to be considered for Business growth. Are you still thinking about whether to outsource your Accounting?

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Author's Bio: 

A qualified Chartered Accountant in Mumbai with over 4 years of rich experience in various divisions of Finance and Business analysis, advisory, analytical skills, risk, streamlining business operations, MIS, Compliances, Audits and Book keeping.

CA Sweta Makwana is the founding member of the firm Makwana Sweta & Associates, CA Firm in Mumbai. She has completed her graduation from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics.