If you are planning to sell any products online then you may be thinking of which platform you should go for.

Most sellers go with Amazon due to the popularity, benefits and amazing features. Apart from Amazon, you have other options too like Alibaba, Etsy, eBay, etc.

On the other hand, you can also plan for eCommerce web development to sell the products independently through your eCommerce site.

There are some pros and cons related to Amazon or your individual site that you need to consider before you opt for any one of them

As far as sales are considered, selling on Amazon brings in sales & revenues which increase with time as this portal has millions of users coming to the site every month. Your product gets wide exposure
Worldwide exposure
It is a trusted brand across the world and thus your products get international exposure. It helps your business reach all other parts of the globe.

Accessible to customers
Here, the users do not look for just a particular brand all they hunt is a specific product. It directly increases the chances of getting new customers.

Tough Competition

Certainly, there is a tough competition on Amazon and there will be thousands of sellers who try to sell their products online and you will have to compete with them.

Less control over rules

Once you sign for the marketplace, you agree to follow the rules. Amazon gives importance to the products and less on sellers which means you do not get more opportunities to display your products


undoubtedly, your revenue will increase by selling on Amazon, but you have to pay for it. Whether or not you own a professional account you will have to pay the fees.

Other factors that you may consider while planning to sell your products online

When it comes to selling online there are many other things that may worry you like Amazon vs. Google Shopping as many people are thinking about it. Here is what you need to know

· Google Shopping plans out on when your product will be displayed in search results

· Amazon makes use of different advertisements to target shoppers

· Google Shopping reaches out to shoppers in 35 different countries

· Amazon comes with lower CPC average

· Increased awareness and visibility for your brand comes with Google Shopping

· Google Shopping offers Google merchant management center which is a single dashboard to help you manage your brand across eCommerce products and edit the listings when required.

Own Site
Complete Control

You get complete control when comes to having your own website. You can focus on eCommerce SEO marketing, frame meaningful content, plan a perfect design and also position the twitter icon wherever you want to. You not only get control over the appearance of your site but also can decide where, how and when you want to showcase your products.

It’s your eCommerce website

It is your eCommerce website wherein there will be no customer distraction. The users will be completely viewing your products only.


After the consumers purchase any products through your website they will refer the name of your site only whereas in case of Amazon people refer to Amazon

Limited Exposure

You will not be able to target the global market and increase visibility to a greater extent.


Amazon is a global leader and is a trusted name for many retailers. On the other hand, when your eCommerce site is new, it will not gain the trust of the consumers easily.


When you manage your eCommerce site, there can be issues with the technical support as you depend on your website developer.

Similarly, you can also weigh the difference between Google shopping vs. Amazon vs. eBay to plan your selling venture perfectly.

Integrations that help your Magento store

Connecting your Magento Store with Amazon

When it comes to Amazon Magento integration, this extension is an affordable solution that helps you connect the Magento store to Amazon. The enhanced extension allows Amazon Integration with Magento Store to let you get real-time data and synchronize your product price, orders, and inventory between your Magento store and Amazon.

Google Feed

You can connect your Magento store with Google feeds. Yes, Google Feed Integration with Magento Store will let you submit the product data that exist on your Magento store to Google shopping feeds.

eBay integration

Talking about eBay Integration with Magento Store, allows you to manage price, product details, inventory, product creation, etc flawlessly. It lets you connect the eBay marketplace to increase the sales of your Magento store and configure any product category you want to on your Magento store so that it is submitted automatically to a similar category on eBay.

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