This article will present an interesting approach towards bringing about positive changes in one's life, using a combination of sigil-magick, brain entrainment, and the fundamentals of hypnosis.

Sigils are a symbolic representation of a specific desire, created from an initial statement of intent, and rendered down to visual or audible form. The sigil is then implanted into one's subconscious mind using a method which creates a state of gnosis (“no-mind”).

Confused? Read on, as it is a very simple procedure.

The first step is to write out the intent; for example; ''It is my will to master sweep picking on guitar''. Now, in order to shorten the statement, simply remove all of the repeating letters: 'IYLMSTRWPCKNG'.

Once you've done this, draw up a sigil using the shapes of the remaining letters. Keep repeating the process, simplifying the design each time. You should end up with something that you can easily visualise.

The reason we render the initial desire incomprehensible is because we need a way of circumventing the critical faculty, which is a part of the mind which either accepts or rejects information, based on whether it is compatible with the values and beliefs that are stored in the subconscious. Put another way, it differentiates between what you feel is ''true'' about yourself, and labels all other input which conflicts with these deeply held beliefs as ''not true''.

If your statement of intent is centred around the desire of becoming more confident and charismatic, its symbolic representation acts as a key to other side of your mind which believes you're not capable of changing. This is particularly true in cases where a person holds false, self-deprecating beliefs about themselves and their ability to function socially.

The method we are going to use to by-pass this area of the mind is brain entrainment. Before commencing with the hypnosis session, it is important to forget the initial statement of intent which corresponds to the sigil. This, admittedly is very difficult, but the easiest way around it is to create about five sigils, and to leave them lying around for about a week, or until you've forgotten the original desires.

When you're ready, lie down and commence the brain entrainment session. Relax every muscle in your body. When you're so relaxed that you can hardly feel your body, try to still your mind from mental chatter. Visualise the sigil in your mind's eye and keep it there for the duration of the session. What you are looking to achieve is a state of deep gnosis ("no-mind"), through which the sigilised intent can take root. When you’re done, eliminate the sigil from your consciousness, and forget about the whole thing. If it keeps cropping up in your mind, simply turn your thoughts onto something else.

I feel it's important to highlight a common misunderstanding associated with this occult technique.

When 'charging' a sigil, are you really 'forcing' the universe to achieve your will, or are you changing yourself so that it has a greater probability of manifesting?

Take for example, someone who creates a sigil with the intent of earning a promotion within their workplace. Are they reconfiguring the mechanics of the universe so that this occurrence is brought about, or are they merely using an elaborate psychological ploy to change their thoughts (and therefore, actions), so that they become the type of person who can earn a promotion?

Food for thought!

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