The song with words, “Should old acquaintance be forgot” applies here.
Those of us with PTSD need to do so in order for healing to truly adhere.

New Year’s day is anytime we begin to reflect on how we can smother sorrow.
For instance, “What can we get rid of today to proliferate a better tomorrow?”

A good habit to use is what we learned in language class at grade school.
Reflecting on asking ourselves the, “Who, what, when, where, why” thought tool.

All of the above five can mirror the “old acquaintance to be forgotten,” you see.
Let us start with, “Whom shall we forget?” is the most important we may all agree.

The person(s) involved in causing our past trauma would be most likely.
That is, also, key being the most difficult challenge to heal completely.

There is a sister to not just forgetting the person, but forgiving them, too.
If we choose to only forget, we create repression that continues to keep us blue.

Granted, this may work initially as a coping mechanism to continue life each day.
Reaching beyond our own force to that of the Divine power is really the best way.

Relying on our own abilities to forgive is like brushing our teeth without a dentist.
We are cleaning our teeth, but once a cavity has started cleaning needs an assist!

The greatest authority over the ability to forgive is through the process of prayer.
As such, we can submit to God our unbearable burden, so He becomes the bearer.

Let us discuss the ‘what’ in the list of old acquaintances to be forgotten.
The Chinese belief in Taoism states that nothing is completely yin or yang begotten.

The ‘what’ in any thing or person always has some aspect of yin or yang energy.
We can relate this to being a negative or positive event that we unclothe to see.

This kind of spiritual explanation takes some time to understand in contemplation.
Finding a silver lining, or something positive from a negative is a revelation!

For instance, if I did not ever have PTSD I would not be writing this kind of rhyme.
What event was meant to destroy me, has transformed me through the Divine.

How about the ‘when’ of the five regarding what we are discussing now?
It was when I was given the strength to forgive completely that grace did endow.

The ‘where’ this happened is unique to each of us in our journey in life.
An example can be a marriage that is either fulfilled, or null from husband or wife.

After all, getting rid of a tattered relationship can be a new start to happiness.
Perhaps, this in turn provided a means or opportunity for a healthy wholeness.

Now we get to the ‘why’ of what happened to cause such a catastrophic event.
We can relate it to our karma, or destiny to overcome our life’s horrible dent.

The answer to this question may come through a spiritual life’s journey.
Or, it may be something we have to take on with faith to overcome, to be happy!

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I am a Qigong and Kundalini Reiki Practitioner, and experienced Social Worker skilled in Veterans PTSD. I was a victim and now turned victor twice of PTSD (once as a child losing my mother to suicide and then as a mother.) I share the healing of negative emotions (one or two at a time in rhyme) that make it a safe place to heal. We stay in the “present while not reliving any trauma.) Next is the connection to our Higher Power (Jesus is mine) that transforms sorrow into strength to help self and others regain peace and joy. I use this process giving Workshops on PTSD Healing in Inspired Poetry. My published books and many articles (mostly in rhyme on PTSD) are at: