The modular kitchen is the best commonly renovated room in the house, and the counter and sink are the most generally replaced items. When we select a new sink, you have different choices.

Configuration and Use

single bowl sinks can open up nearly little space. So, for small kitchens along with a corner sink establishment, a single bowl sink like D-shape bowl, should be a best fit. By utilizing a single bowl sink in a tiny kitchen expands counter space, giving best prep room and counter repository than with a great sink. Definitely, if your cabinets uses a small sink base cabinet, you may find that you have more options for sink styles when selecting a single bowl because double bowl sinks require a larger base.

Double bowl sinks brings different sizes and configurations, from two bowls of same size and model to a big compartment. This gives flexibility in the way you require your sink. For example, you should use one bowl for preparation and the other one for washing. It is hard, anyhow, to soak a big pan in a double sink due to the division between the two bowls.

Saving Counter Space

If you need all the space accessible counter space in your kitchen food prep, decor, storage, then double sinks are very useful along with the second bowl. By using a double sink with two big bowls provides you the best option of fixing a drying rack in the sink than on the kitchen counter. You should wash dishes in one bowl and use other to dry them without using counter space.

Single bowl sinks should have a default drying rack on one side, but this decrease the washing space. The shape of the sink is prescribed by the single bowl sink base kitchen cabinet, When you have restricted counter space, a double bowl sink give the storage and drying area required.


A single bowl sink need one drain for the installation. It becomes faster, easier, and cheaper. Placement of the faucet is also much easier due to only one bowl need water.

Double bowl sinks always need two drains, which require to join another before arriving the final waste trap. One side may require a garbage disposal which highly increases the difficulty. Using a double sink increases the question of where the faucet will be fixed. If double sides of the sink will be for washing, the faucet requires to be placed so that it should fill on double sides.

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