Contrary to popular belief, there are many situations in which personal loans are a viable option that needs to be taken into account. Because of the fact that you can use this loan for anything you want, it can suit several purposes that you never thought about. Teach yourself about these loans on Crediful and then use them in situations like the following.

Consolidating Credit Cards

When you have your credit cards charged to the maximum amount, a personal loan can help you consolidate charges into a single monthly payment. In most cases, the interest rate that you are going to get will be lower than APRs (annual percentage rates) associated with credit cards. The only problem is that you might end up feeling that you are safe since you have higher credit limits than before. Just because this happens does not mean you should not be careful until the personal loan is fully repaid.

Student Loan Refinancing

When you refinance student loans, you get financial relief. Usually, the interest rate on a student loan is higher than 6.8%. A personal loan that has a lower interest rate is surely available. You can use this to pay off your debt in a shorter period of time.
The problem with student loans is that they do have some tax advantages. Also, federal student loans include benefits for forbearance, deferment and repayment. If you refinance a student loan, you cannot be eligible for forgiveness programs that are often launched by lawmakers.

Simply put, when the personal loan is used to pay off a student loan, you cannot deduct interest payments and you do not have access to the benefits associated with such loans. When the balance is really high, the personal loan is most likely not enough anyway. This is why you need to be really careful and make this choice only after you do the math.

Financing Purchases

This depends on what you want to buy. Do you need the purchase or do you just want it? Personal loans help you out a lot when there are advantages to paying sellers with cash. Oftentimes, financing through sellers or through high interest cards is much worse.
Never decide if you want to finance a purchase through a personal loan on the spot. You need to get an offer from the seller and then compare with what you receive with the personal loan. This allows you to make the best-informed choice.

Paying For Large Events

With all large events, like weddings, you can put associated charges on the credit card and you cannot pay the money off in a month. The personal loan for the larger possible expense can help you to save a lot of money on the interest charges. However, this is only correct if the interest rate for the personal loan is lower than the rate for the credit card.

Improve Personal Credit

The personal loan can help the credit score in various ways, like:

1. When the credit report is mostly made out of credit card dept, the loan can help improve account mix. This is favorable to the credit score. Remember that personal loans are always a lot better than the payday loans.
2. Lowering credit utilization ratio, which is how much total credit you use when you compare it with the credit limit. Your score is improved when you use a lower percentage of the total available credit.
3. The credit score is increased when the loan is paid back on time.


As you can see, personal loans are oftentimes useful, as long as you use them in the appropriate circumstances. No matter the case, what is very important is to make sure that you can repay the personal loan on time.

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