Lack of sleep is detrimental to every aspect of your life. It can affect your health, your career, your relationship and basically the joy of just living each and every day.

The most common remedy for sleep problems is medication such as sleeping pills. However for those who may already be taking sleeping pills in order to fall asleep and stay asleep at night you are likely aware that there are many side effects and risks to doing so. The main concern is that they eventually stop working and you must up your dose in order to get the same effects. This can become a vicious and addictive circle that gets very difficult to stop.

There are other alternatives to taking medication and sleeping pills such as meditation, yoga, exercise, deep breathing and my personal favourite listening to binaural beats. If you have trouble sticking to the other options then binaural beats might be worth a try.

How Do Binaural Beats Work?

Binaural beats are a type of brainwave entrainment audio that work by presenting two separate frequencies into each individual ear. Your brain then creates a third frequency which will be the difference between the two already presented.

In this way you are able to manipulate your brain to experience a very low frequency wave that is associated with deep relaxation and sound sleep. Without the use of binaural beats you would normally only be able to experience this altered state by intense sessions of daily meditation practice.

Using an external stimulus such as brainwave audios allows you to easily, quickly and most importantly safely control your mind and allow your conscious mind to sleep for an entire night. You will wake up feeling rested, refreshed and best of all there will be no groggy side effects.

Sleep Problem Symptoms

Lack of sleep is epidemic and a large number of us are guilty of not getting the sleep we need for a multitude of different reasons. Below are some of the symptoms that not enough sleep can cause:

  • lack of focus
  • irritable mood swings
  • poor digestion
  • no energy
  • mental grogginess
  • poor memory
  • degenerating organs
  • compromised immune system
  • poor health
  • inability to accomplish daily activities
  • depression

Sleep is so important and if you are having trouble getting enough then it is imperative that you take some type of action to solve this problem.

For Best Results

For the best results you must listen to your brainwave audio with a pair of headphones. This blocks out all other noises and distractions and allows your brain to focus purely on the frequencies being presented.

I have also noticed that you will get far better results if you listen to your audio in a quiet and dark room with your eyes closed. When you go to bed at night is probably the best time although you can use them all throughout the day if you wish.

Usually one twenty minute session will be enough to completely relax your body and mind but there are sometimes the odd time that you may need to listen to your recording twice in a row if you are particularly stressed our or anxious. Binaural beats have proven to work quickly and effectively and are a fantastic alternative to safely get a good night sleep.

With a deep and sound sleep you will find that your brain is clearer, your mind is happier and your body has way more energy.

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