Having a large spacious bathroom, of course, is a dream of several homeowners. Especially for the ladies of the home. A big bathroom is not only appealing and welcoming but also offer extra space provides and for ample convenience. It is known that not every home offers this bright, and convenient room. Renovco as a bathroom renovations company which operates in Ottawa can help you. We have some tips and ways how to make your small bathroom to look larger.

Of course, you can’t have the bathroom of your dreams, but our bathroom renovations team can make your limited indoor living space, by completing the right projects to appear large and trendy.

Here are some tips and ways that will make your small bathroom looks large and beautiful:
Make it Bright
We know that the bathroom in most cases is a room in your house that is dark and offers very little natural light. This makes the bath appear cramped and confined. One way we recommend for these cases is to increase its natural light. If possible we will install more windows around the bathroom. This will only make the room appear large and open as well.

Choose The Right Bathroom Renovations Colors
Windows aren’t the only way to brighten a room. You also want to choose paint colors that brighten up space as well. As you choose your paint colors, we recommend considering neutral and light colors. Options such as light greys, blues, and greens are ideal for a bathroom. You may also consider white or cream hues to give this area a clean and pristine look.

Another thing you can do is to paint the ceiling the light color as well. This gives your bathroom a more continuous and complete feel.


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Blerina Laska