If you have a beautiful lawn, you must know that it needs sufficient moisture as per weather changes. Water provides life your garden in high temperature. We need to extra efforts and a little more attention than usual especially in hot and dry weather.

It doesn't take much, but sprinkling the lawn can quickly go wrong especially when you try to do it yourself. You don't want to use or waste unnecessary amount of water, and you also don't want to bend the grass too little. Here are some smart tips to reduce your watering frequency and lower your water consumption. This way you can not only take care of your grass, but also save time and money.

These are the 3 smart methods to irrigate less:

Take advantage of the fresh hours of the day
The ideal time to water the grass and other plants in your garden is early in the morning and late at night. The sun does not give off that much heat, so the water does not evaporate immediately. This allows it to penetrate into the ground where it is most needed: at the grass roots. This means you will have to spray less often and less water than if you were doing that around noon.

Mulching is the best cutting method
We can't say it often enough: mulching has many benefits for your lawn. You leave the finely chopped grass clippings between lawns instead of collecting them. This way you not only give natural nutrients back to your grass, but also moisture. In addition, the mulch protects the soil and ensures that water in the soil evaporates less quickly.

Don't forget to aerate the lawn
What is aeration? Over the years, the soil becomes compact, so that the water cannot penetrate the soil and therefore remains on the surface. By making openings in the soil, you ensure that oxygen and water can reach the roots of the grass plants. This way you stimulate the growth of a healthy and strong lawn.

An aeration rake or motorized lawn aerator is equipped with (hollow) pins that create oxygen channels in the soil. The water can seep directly into the soil, without unnecessary water consumption. So make aerating a good annual habit, along with scarifying and nourishing your lawn.

With smart sprinklers or swing sprinkler you can irrigate the lawn evenly. This way you prevent your places from getting too much or too little water. With a timer you do not have to make much effort yourself and your lawn automatically gets enough water in dry weather.

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Misty Jhones