Dedication, skill, optimization and improvement: the key words that can help improve work in industries such as marketing. Learning requires effort and through the acquired knowledge, you can have another point of view to meet the needs of people. This can be applied to the work of SMEs.

And best of all, is that through social networks and what they offer to improve the expectations of a business there is a simpler way to optimize an entire strategy. For example, Facebook now offers a certification to marketers. Since last year he added the Inspiration section with the purpose of adding more tools for the campaigns and ads of the brands.And the examples can continue.

However, it does not just depend on how big the level with which ads can be made. To know more in depth about how to advertise on Facebook or Instagram requires certain skills to execute and implement. That is, in a digital world where people choose what they want, not everything works for the same audience. Sometimes, you have to act in different perspectives, despite having only one brand.Digital tools, at the service of SMEs
For small and medium-sized companies, digital platforms offer greater possibilities to act. In fact, many of them should consider obtaining certificates in this same sense, because having a "disadvantage" in front of the most relevant companies, the option that is presented to them to reach their audiences is favorable.

Aware that in regions like Latin America economic growth goes hand in hand with what the SMEs do (they represent 90 percent of the business ecosystem and more than 50 percent of jobs are generated by them), it is natural to propose The usefulness of digital advertising to grow.
According to Pyramid Researh , 60 percent of SMEs that have their own website use digital advertising and a study conducted by FedEx Express shows that eight out of 10 SMEs already generate eCommerce sales . In addition, 14 percent of companies that only use social networks also do so, they look for the option to have presence in digital channels.

From the previous idea, Facebook and its "brothers", like Instagram, are the most benefited. It is not surprising that the most used social network in the world is an important ally for SMEs to reach their goal. Data from the platform indicate that more than 50 million SMEs have their Facebook page. For its part, Morning Consult indicates that 86 percent of SMEs in Mexico use this social network to attract customers.

Facebook Blueprint
Facebook Ad Certifications is one of the two certifications that Mark Zuckerberg's platform has for digital strategists. One is based on planning and the other on the action call to make purchases.

Marketers can have certifications by passing some tests and exams. These are just tests where you have to demonstrate how you can develop advertising on the platform, including the formation and structure of the strategy, tracking and reporting, performance measurement as well as problem solving.

Facebook tries to encourage growth by providing the necessary tools to connect with potential customers and achieve their business objectives. Free Blueprint courses offer information, advice, guidance and assistance to help businesses of all sizes through Facebook marketing.

SME: business strategy on Facebook and Instagram
To understand the needs that SMEs present, the intention to take their first steps in online campaigns can be an element that helps them capitalize their efforts. To give support to their demands with which they seek to reach the public, the tools become simpler, but above all, more effective.

Connecting with the interests of the audience and building meaningful relationships is one of the main changes that Facebook and Instagram wanted to consider. However, at this stage of the game, it seems that we no longer know in which platform the new companies should act.
The solution lies in understanding that both platforms are still relevant. While Facebook is still "The King" of social networks, Instagram already has an important place in the social media market. The difference lies in the type of public to whom the campaign is being considered.
For example, if a company has just started on Facebook's path, it is important to define a clear objective related to their needs. This means knowing how the business results will be verified and what is expected of them. Ideally, it should be very specific and measurable.

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