Social media is that the new addiction. you're constantly switching from one social media app to a different mindlessly. From watching stories on Instagram to retweeting on Twitter, social media may be a huge component of our lives today! actually , the typical person spends a minimum of 1 hour and 40 minutes per day watching their favorite social media sites and apps. Spending such a lot time on social media might not be good for you and a social media detox every now then might be an excellent idea! Taking at some point or a weekend to quit social media and take an opportunity is sweet for you.

So how would a social media detox assist you out and be beneficial? Let’s determine .

How a social media detox helps you:
Boost productivity
Improve your mood
Reconnect with yourself
Reduce FOMO
Boost productivity

Boost Productivity
On average, you spend nearly 2 hours on social media everyday. that's tons of your time that would be spent in other ways. Be it work, personal hobbies or something else, you'll improve your productivity. just in case you’re within the middle of labor , you'll get distracted with a notification. But when you’re doing a social media detox, that distraction never occurs. As a result, you’re ready to continue your work and keep your focus.

Improve your mood with a social media detox
Social media, while fun, comes with tons of negativity. There’s tons of sad news, horrible incidents and quite many not so nice people. Constantly being engaged in social media can increase your stress and anxiety levels, resulting in more tension and a nasty mood. In fact, quitting social media will assist you stop watching the lives of people and feel bad for yourself as well! If you’ve been feeling stressed or worried, this is often an honest time to require a social media detox. it's going to feel weird initially , but you'll slowly find your overall mood improving as you quit social media!

Reconnect with yourself
A social media detox is that the perfect thanks to connect with yourself again. instead of flick through apps and watch mindless videos, you'll spend this point with someone more precious. Yourself. Do something you enjoy, journal your thoughts and spend time together with your own thoughts instead of watching what others are thinking or saying. If you would like to spend a quiet weekend together with your book and a few loved ones, quit social media!

Conquer FOMO
Fear of missing out or FOMO has been accelerated thanks to social media. watching holiday pictures, food images or videos of friends together creates a fear within you that you’re missing out or not enjoying enough. Social media possesses you addicted and therefore the dopamine hit you get whenever you employ it gets balanced out by the negativity of FOMO. Moreover, there's an inherent fear that you simply could miss out on something viral or funny if you aren’t always logged in.

You can minimise and conquer your fear of missing out by ablation all notifications just in case you can’t delete all social media. If you'll delete all the apps, then that's best. By doing so, you'll experience withdrawal initially and should tap on your screen to open the app, but after a short time it'll disappear. you'll start becoming more understanding and asleep with the very fact that you’re off social media. When your overall mood and emotional health improves, your FOMO also will disappear. Moreover, you’ll learn to point out yourself some love and luxuriate in yourself instead of constantly compare your life to others.

For many of you, social media is already an enormous a part of your lives. But despite the advantages there also are downsides to using it, especially if you spend tons of your time thereon .

If you've got a difficult time unplugging completely, try a mini social media detox by deleting one among the few apps you employ or chalking out specific time to use the apps. Over time, it’ll assist you overcome difficulties and do better everyday. just in case you’re trying to find a fast social media detox, try it for a few of days or a weekend. Whatever you are doing , attempt to make screen time productive!

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