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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

sohba digital marketing company search engine optimization expert with almost a decade of industry experience. Along with our team, sohba’s goal is to help our customers dominate the search engines, and surpass their competition.

Few other consultants have the level and depth of experience that I have acquired. I’ve worked across all industries. From local search optimisation agencies, to extremely competitive service niches and national e-commerce. Clients widely consider our approach very different from many less-diligent SEO’s, many of which fail to incorporate simple necessities such as CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). In short, that is the ways in which your website can be modified to improved to target an increased amount of sales for a given amount of traffic.

sohba digital not one to try and promote my services by highlights certifications and awards from unknown internet academies. I prefer to carefully walk you through example of my own online successes and search engine rankings of businesses that have used my services. To learn more, please get in touch. If you to quickly know why your website still isn’t ranking on the first page of Google, enter your URL for an free website analysis. The report will explain how you can improve your website in order to gain improved rankings in Google.
Social Media Optimization (SMO)

One of the biggest struggles brands and marketers have with content marketing comes from a lack of direction with their content strategy. All too often, we see brands fall into the trappings of making posts that do not connect with the audience, or otherwise fail to stand out in the feeds of their fans. The best remedy for this issue is to develop a standardized editorial calendar to bring consistency to your content strategy, and a base for recording activity and performance.

Here are some basic steps for getting started with creating an editorial calendar for content marketing.
Part 1 – Content Marketing

The first step with your editorial calendar is to decide on content that you will be sharing. This content should be a mix between materials produced in-house (e.g., blog posts, infographics, videos), and relevant materials created by other bloggers or content producers. To find sources of inspiration and material, research the thought leaders and social communities in your niche, and become active in them. Once you find sources that drive the trends in your industry, you’ll be able to deliver that message to your audience.

After you’ve found your content source, you need to switch gears and put yourself in the mindset of your audience. Ideally, you should have a basic knowledge of their pain points, consumption habits, and what makes them take action. With this knowledge, you can set the tone for your calendar by determining how much content is needed to drive growth and interaction of your brand, what topics make the biggest impact with the audience, and how frequently will you will need to deliver content to the audience.
Part 2 – Build Your Calendar

Now that your content strategy is solid, you can focus on the mechanics of publishing. An editorial calendar can be as basic or detailed as needed for your business, but like everything else, more information will lead to better results. The best tool to use for your editorial calendar is an Excel Spreadsheet (or Google Docs Spreadsheet); if you are working with a team, you may want to consider collaborative tools like HiTask to manage assignments by person.

No matter what tool you use as your primary calendar host, you should include fields or sections that outline these specific details about the promoted content:

Title or Headline
General content description
Keywords or Tags
Call to Action
Assigned to
Status of Post
Where to Publish (blog, Facebook, Pinterest, etc)
Part 3 – Fill in the Gaps

At this point, you have a source of content, and a framework for distributing it across your website and social networks. With this in place, you have everything you need to begin a long term content marketing strategy.

Set aside one hour at minimum to plan the content you want to highlight in the upcoming days, weeks, or even months. By including all of the information and links in your calendar, you’ve made a single resource that you can refer to when deciding what to post. If you are delegating your social management to an employee or agency, they also should have access to the calendar to make sure that the strategy stays on track.

When planning for a long term content marketing strategy, be sure to take major events into consideration. Holidays, special business events, local events, conferences, major product releases, and other low-hanging fruit that will have a strong social buzz are perfect places to begin planning for in advance with direct content for your audience.

Creating an editorial calendar is the first step to elevating your brand’s caliber on social media; you’ll quickly discover that social media is not just “a place to be,” but a system to gain and interact with your perfect client or customer.
Digital Advertising (PPC)

Over the last few years it’s been hard to ignore the massive shift in the way brands can communicate with consumers and this has thrown up a lot of confusion as to where to start and how to implement. Everyday Sales and Marketing Managers are being approached by traditional and digital agencies touting their skills in new media but are becoming increasingly dubious as to who they should entrust with their strategy.

sohba digital marketing agency now have a multiplicity of platforms through which to promote their products and interact with their prospects and their existing customers, including mobile, email, websites, downloadable content, social media, retail technology etc. As such, the choice now available to customers teamed with their past experiences of brands means that in order to become a key differentiator in the market, Social Technologies have actually thrown up a further challenge to agencies and brands, with many brands unhappy with the advice they are getting on how to create effective ROI from their social media campaigns. At top didital marketing agency, we are shifting the focus from the social networks to the data that they provide. When one has access to this rich, new set of data, the ability to target the individual needs of a particular consumer grows considerably, therefore opening up a whole new level of return.

For those brands that are at the early stages of developing their contact strategy, the good news is that there are lots of ways that multi-channel can be delivered. Implementing this kind of approach does not necessarily mean that a brand must encounter a substantial cost outlay on channel development and/or Social CRM (sCRM) systems. By using profiling middleware, a brand can identify the best course of action for each customer, avoiding unnecessary communications costs. If delivered appropriately, the use of digital content and fulfilment in multi-channel activity can in fact save money.

However I would recommend taking a step back to look at the overall commercial approach. At soe company in pakistan we are changing the relationship between client and agency. Combining the best thought leadership of the consulting world with the leading capabilities of the marketing services industry, we provide our clients with a process to move from the olde r integrated model to the more relevant multi-channel experience model, delivering relevant customer experiences through technology. Built on the premise of the 3 R’s: Reputation, Relevancy and Recommendation, we differentiate the customer experience through our reservoir of analytical insight about each customer, leveraging it to foster engaging customer dialogues and learning from these interactions to make improvements in the future.
Email Marketing

The largest email database in pakistan - approx 1,300,000 double opt-in subscribers.

Whether your marketing objective is instant sales, brand awareness, new customers or member acquisition, our targeted email lists enable you to effectively & affordably promote your products & services to pakistani consumers nationally for a fraction of the cost typically associated with traditional “normal media” and regular direct marketing channels.

With the largest database of opt-in pakistani consumers, we can target and segment your campaign to provide you with an end list which gets results to produce the best possible results for your email marketing campaigns.

This is a highly customized and targeted list that has specific categories which may be highly beneficial to your financial growth.
Website Analytics

Website analytics is widely used by business to business and business to consumer online merchants to examine various markets and track their customers accurately. Web analytics is also becoming increasingly popular with webmasters of other websites as well. Since tracking visitors accurately is very important for most websites, most webmasters use web analytics to get customer conversion rates and other important data. Usually, web analytics software tracks visitor behavior by inserting a small piece of tracking code on each page of the site. The tracking code transmits information to the analytics software vendor’s data collection facility using a tiny gif image or a small JavaScript code. To identify returning visitors tracking ID stored in a cookie is used.

Over the past decade, e-commerce retailers have become proficient with web analytics and have improved their website design to help customers navigate and complete the purchase process easily. Having completed this process, many retailers have become overloaded with additional data that adds no further discernable value. It is difficult for most companies to process the data to extract important information and understand what to measure next. Going forward, e-commerce companies are discovering that they need to be highly innovative and respond to the latent needs of customers. Web analytics software applications provide a wealth of information which can help them do that.

Interestingly a recent report by Jupiter Research sent shockwaves through the industry when it stated that increasingly high rates of cookie rejection and deletion by internet users makes third-party cookies, which is the default method for hosted analytics solutions to measure visitor activity, an unreliable method for collecting and reporting on web marketing results.

Focusing on finding new ways to improve the customer experience will simplify e-business and increase the customer conversion rate. Only by using web analytics and usability testing together can companies get a complete picture of user behavior and experience on an e-commerce site. This is a very powerful method to understand customers and make improvements to the site based on customer needs.
Online Reputation

Business Reputation Management
Your Business Reputation Online


Reputation management is big, and it’s going to get even bigger in the near future

Reviews for businesses are now posted online, and they are visible for anyone to see. They come up when searching for a niche/location and when potential clients/consumers search for your business name.

Bad reviews will keep those same people from setting foot inside your business.

So where do these bad reviews online come from?

Research has found that the majority of consumers will never leave a review.

The two types of people who leave a review:
1. Those that are super impressed by a company’s service or product.
2. A few in the populous that feel they were put out or slighted by a business (maybe legitimately). Many times this type has a chip on their shoulder and are looking for a way to exercise it.
The majority of people are happy with a business’s services, but just don’t take the time to let the world know about it. If these people were put into the mix, then the people who weren’t happy would be outnumbered by 20 to 1.
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