Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. This is the language spoken by most of the Chinese people all over the world. As we know Chinese are the global community. They have dispersed in and around the globe and develop their community centers which are widely known as China town. The globalization of the Chinese language and the culture became possible due to the presence of the global Chinese community.The popularity of the Chinese cuisine in the different parts of the world including Kolkata is the prime propagator of the Chinese culture. A Chinese Language Course in Kolkata is an initiative to make this language and culture more popular in the city. Kolkata has its own China town. A newspaper in Chinese is also getting published from there.

A learner can learn Chinese in different ways. One of them is getting accustomed with the Chinese atmosphere. The advantage of this way of learning is, in this process the learner can get the opportunity to interact with the vernacular speaker. That is the reason some time the learner of the Chinese course from the different parts of the world become willing to pay a visit to the country of the origin of the language.

One of the limitations of this type of learning is it is effective to learn the verbal communication only. But learning the writing is one of the important parts of learning the Chinese language. The alphabets of Chinese language are very different than the Roman alphabets, the type of alphabet we use in English and any other European language. While you learn Mandarin, you will get a clear exposure on the Chinese writing process.

How classroom mode can help the students?

Classroom mode has its own effectiveness. This process of teaching offers the scope to improve the personal interaction with a Chinese speaking individual who is working here as the trainer. In this mode of teaching a student can directly interact with the Chinese conversant faculty member. These interactions can be effective when you learn Mandarin because in this mode of teaching a student can clarify all of his queries directly from the teacher. This mode is also effective for learning writing.
The alphabets of the Chinese language are different than its Roman counterpart that is the reason a person from non- Chinese background needs to learn them carefully. A Chinese Course offers classroom mode of learning to its students. This mode is suitable for self-evaluation and peer development too. The constructive interaction with the course colleagues is one of the ways of learning a foreign language.In this process, one can judge his own performance and development.

In conclusion, it can be declared that learning Chinese can improve the career possibilities of an individual. In contemporary time the Chinese language has acquired the status of business language too. This language is gradually getting popular among different business communities in the world. Due to this reason a Chinese Language Course in Kolkata is offering a customized course especially for the business communities of the city. That is why it can be recomended that command over this language can enhance the possibility of better career in any part of the world.

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is an expert in Chinese language and provides training in Institute of International Teachers Training. He is the teacher of Chinese Language Course in Kolkata through which students are able to explore the language.