1. Showcase Hardwood Floors

Buyers today prefer flooring made of hardwood. And many older houses have the ideal hardwood floors, just because they are mostly covered by a carpet.

“In today's market there's no questioning the value of hardwood flooring. By painting you will get the highest return on investment, but consumers "enjoy the look and comfort of hardwood flooring and are willing to pay for it. For you as the seller the most cost-effective option is to pull up carpeting from existing hardwood floors.”

Upon revealing them, you may not even have to refinish the hardwood floors (which is in reality a small expense relative to the return it can yield). Just letting buyers know that hardwood floors actually exist may be enough to get you a better price for sale. Maximize returns by showing them that they are getting what they want.

2. Remodel the Kitchen Judiciously

Kitchens are extremely important to buyers, so you'll need to make some kitchen upgrades most of the time when selling your house in. But you have to be cautious, since kitchen renovations often make it easy to lose money.

Here judicious and strategic refurbishments are necessary. "Remember, for example, finishing the cabinets if you can get away with it, because it will be expensive to replace them. Completely remodeling a kitchen is difficult to get a return on investment. Even a moderate size kitchen can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars. Even something as simple and inexpensive as installing new hardware in your cabinet will make a big difference in your kitchen appearance.

3. Consult Your Agent for Best Results

Because so many of the plans and renovations for selling your house!

That's why working with your professional local real estate agent before making any repairs / renovations is so important to most people. Otherwise they might end up losing a ton of money at time of sale. This is an environment where the local agent can be of enormous help in optimizing returns. Find out how our agents will help you identify the best ways to maximize your returns when selling your house in Contact us today!

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