Unevolved spirit and soul cannot keep and they cannot get accustomed to an immortal body - even if they have one, they destroy it. (Mavrino - the greatest master of traditional medicine).

Earth was prepared for settlement many million years ago. From various reasons, they had tested and checked it for a long time, before, approximately 5 million 7 hundred years ago, the planet was populated with human beings who came here from other planets. Two categories of people were brought to this planet: developing people and much evolved persons. The evolved ones were only 3% of the entire population. The population brought here counted over 10 million human beings.

In its first structure, the planet had only one continent surrounded by waters. This land had all the necessary flora and fauna to sustain the human being, not without working, though; they even had to make a huge effort. As people were evolved, it is obvious that the planet developed homogeneously and progressively. The constructions were of megalithic type, resistant to earthquakes or to any natural ordeals.

They spoke a common language on the planet back then, namely the same language they speak in the Universe. The leadership was made up of the most evolved scientists, namely wise men. The education system was by degrees and progressive. This means that it wasn’t only one science, but many sciences; one had to go through all the stages of one scientific field and to assimilate them. After this he would be able to pass on to another education cycle. Science at that time was not compulsory but it was necessary if you wanted to pass to another branch of education and to be able to stay on land. Should there be anyone who didn’t wish it, they were forced to live in the waters. There were only small desert isles in the waters, and they offered no life support; no one could live there. At this point, it’s our duty to let the sane readers know (assuming the author is insane) that nobody wished to live in the waters.

There were 18 stages that each citizen of the planet had to go through in his or her education. Having gone through these stages and having shown an average knowledge of the science of the planet, the respective human being could become fully entitled citizen of the planet. From that moment, each citizen of the planet had to go through the 18 stages again 28 times in order to be ranked among the learnt men and to be able to continue towards wisdom. From that moment, he or she could leave the planet and go to any other planet at anytime. We must mention here that not before turning 151 years of age could a citizen of the planet go through the first stage to become a fully entitled citizen of the planet. After everyone had completed their first cycle; after everyone had become a citizen of the planet and after they had built together everything there had been to build for a normal life on the planet, the wise men, that 3% of the first colonists left the planet and went to their planets.

After the wise men’s departure, the planet continued to develop at a normal and natural pace, in an elevated ambiance. All the citizens of the planet completed their development and went to other planets in the Universe. It continued in this way until the 6th generation, when everyone who had completed the educational system on the Earth had gone, leaving behind the 6th generation of the 6th bloodline of each family.

We must mention that, when they set up a family, there wasn’t even conceiving that the family would ever break up. There was family and continuity. There was immortality and there wasn’t even question of death. There was joy without any discord. In the 25th stage of development, each man learnt distance teleportation. People kept filling with energy; the human body’s energy was continuously sustained by the environment, and the human being didn’t need to particularly worry about filling with energy, because in the 8th stage they learnt it in the course of their training, namely the 8th stage dealt with how the human body filled with energy; it dealt with flora, fauna and with how every species used to feed.

As for ageing, the human being on Earth at that time didn’t worry about it, because there wasn't such a problem. People reached the age of 175, a point at which their cells ceased their growth and turned into crystal ones. It is the osseous cells that I am talking about here, which changed from ordinary cells to crystal ones. After the entire osseous system has completed its metamorphosis – namely from ordinary osseous system to crystal one – including the head bones and the ribs, the human being couldn’t technically meet with death, (obviously taking into account that one was continuously developing). At 175 years of age, people looked like a 21-25 years old complex and perfectly healthy human being. Obviously, the entire body processed energy, vitamins, minerals and everything necessary to maintain that condition.

In this way, planet Earth continued its development for approximately 1 million 2 hundred thousand years, when something happened that was never allowed to happen. It happened this: the leadership at that time decided that the entire science could be condensed into 5 evolution stages plus a supplementary one. The new order created serious flaws in the science that had been taught so far. People didn’t have the notion of time. However, a stage had to be completed over and over again until it was fully assimilated. And, as the stages were shortened so much, a lot of shortcomings insinuated in every human being’s education. The leadership took that decision of cutting everything short, in order that the process towards wisdom could be undergone quicker. Consequently they would leave planet Earth and be able to reach the Universe. From there, they would travel to any other planet and continue their educational process in different conditions (people from Earth learnt only on this planet and they weren't allowed to leave it unless they had completed the educational process). Taking into account that the transition was made to this education system, people became aware of the notion of time. As they experienced time, the total downfall began of the progress they had had that far. Little by little, people started losing their crystal cells, until as many cells grew ordinary, as there were at the human being’s birth, namely 30% crystal cells and 70% ordinary ones. Having this structure, the human being began to fall ill. As sickness occurred, the last percentages of crystal cells were lost; after that, the human being went through changes in height, marks appeared on his hands, face and body, namely the wrinkles.

The rest of the species – which had lived in harmony with the human species – the animals and the birds, were shocked by what was becoming of the human being; they started to avoid the humans; even more than that, they attacked men as the human being attacked the rest of the species, too.

The greatest downfall took place when the first human being experienced death. After the shock they had, there was aggression between species; exchanges of partners; total downfall, even the abodes of independent groups were built in separate places, surrounded by huge walls for people to protect against one another. The human beings began to destroy the nature, heedless of anything or anyone. In order to hide from the rest of the planet’s citizens, they began to find new words, so they should not be understood, to such an extent that – within 33 thousand years – nobody spoke one another’s language; mixed were their languages and dark their minds. Generations succeeded one another; they died just as soon, but this was a normal thing for the society that had reached that stage.

I have mentioned that the planet no longer had any protective shields, namely it was completely polluted and the shields preventing the oxygen leakage into the stratosphere had been compromised. In the same line of thought, because of the lack of oxygen, the planet was continuously and irreversibly decaying. The planet was overpopulated, because of the blood confusion, namely relatives married each other, mixing their blood, defiling it and altering its genetic structure, a thing that gave birth to malformations. These were the reasons that led to the total destruction of the planet, when a giant asteroid, about the size of one third of the planet, collided with the Earth; consequently, the planet underwent complete geographical changes, namely it was divided into 5 continents plus the waters separating them. There was a glacial age, of exactly 150 thousand years, after which ice melted and nature came out renewed, the oxygen pure and so the water. The Leadership of the Universe decided that the first leading council who had chosen to shorten the educational stages should return to Earth, together with those people who had lived there exactly in their time, taking into account that the rest of the families who were born afterwards were mixtures of the same blood, without any healthy gene and without the possibility of perpetuating the human species (after blood confusion, there is neither pure family, nor human being with evolution potential ever).

They gave the leadership to the human beings only on one continent which was called POSED and which is known under the name of Atlantis to the historians. Obviously, this continent is known only as a hypothesis, because no one can ever tell where it was. Posed was a continent that sustained the rest of the planet, as there were only negative temperatures there. The rest of the blood lines were located on the other continents; they all spoke the same language. The leading councils of the other continents could always come to Posed to confer with the leading council of the Earth, but the leading council of the Earth, who lived on Posed, could never intervene in anything to make any change whatsoever. It was on this continent that they subjected each citizen of the planet to the final examinations. The planet resumed its beneficent evolution. The human beings grew crystal cells again, but only as many as 70% of the whole, because the stages one had to complete to prove he or she was an evolved person amounted to 51. Similarly, the number of repetitions of each stage increased to 41, namely each stage had to be repeated 41 times over.

With as many as 70% crystal cells, the human beings could not maintain perpetuity; people could neither be immortal and able of transfer into the Universe, nor could they pass to 71% if they didn’t prove worthy. Therefore, energizing cylinders which restored each man’s energy, taking the energy from nature and cosmic space, were built within very short distance from one another.

In order to take and have electricity, the human beings built entire cities in the middle of the oceans out of which they extracted resources and processed them to produce electricity which they transferred to the land. There are very strong currents in the ocean, producing electricity. At the same time, there are minerals, too, that conduct it to the surface. There were rhombus-shaped devices storing the already obtained electricity and - by means of huge spheres with a trapezoidal mirror in the middle - they rendered the bead of light; namely, what we call light bulbs today was in the shape of a trapezoid built out of living organisms. The energy was transferred by means of huge spheres; or, the energy captured both from production and natural climate, namely lightning and others, was absorbed by pyramid-shaped devices, after which it was conveyed to every building and there was light. People nowadays may find it hard to accept that light can be maintained overnight, having been transferred and stored, even the sun’s light, but this is a problem of the readers of this material, not the author’s. It is a matter of conception and vision (you haven’t forgotten, I hope, that the author is mad).

Scientists nowadays search ruins found at the surface or 10 thousand meters deep at the most, but they don’t get deeper than that. Had anyone reached within the deepest recesses of the oceans, or had anyone reached down to the lava in the earth, one would have found many interesting things, architectonic structures unknown so far, utensils and alloys that have never been manufactured on the planet to this day. However, it is impossible for people today to reach the above mentioned depths from two reasons:

the necessary transportation technique does not exist and
the society will thicken the ranks of madmen, such as one is the author of this material.

Should the latter case come to pass, the danger is imminent, because many hands make light work and – what if the two madmen contaminate the whole society? In this case, the process may be irreversible, the whole society may be contaminated and reach immortality. Is it worth it? Let’s better cherish every moment upon the face of the earth; let’s content ourselves with the fact that we die or we kill each other or something like that. Isn’t it nicer? Let’s live the moment! The question is: do we know what this, the moment? The most convenient thing to do now is to continue to listen to the author’s mad ravings.

There was a perfect architectural structure on all continents, as well as drainage system for water or biological residues. They were perfectly built out of such alloys that could have been manufactured only by means of high technology. We ask ourselves: how could they possibly have had the high technology, when the respective technological process of high technology has only been recently discovered? How could they have built the megalithic buildings whose ruins were found in Latin America, when – if we were to pay attention to Darwin and not to the author of this material – people back then descended from apes? Could the monkeys possibly build metal processing factories for themselves in their trees? Or, how could there be mixtures of cement, wood, brick and stone in the composition of the ruins they found? Did the monkeys have cement factories in the neighboring trees?

It wasn’t the monkeys who did this, but the human beings living on the respective continents. Should the readers doubt the truth of these facts, let them go to Egypt, Malta or Peru and to Cuzco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire. They will see ruins there that have lasted thousands of years, or of the Spaniards who conquered America and of their buildings not a trace was left. How is it that, thousands of kilometers from Cuzco, one can see the fabulous ruins of Puma Panco, at high altitude in Altiplano, Bolivia? The ruins of Puma Panco are 1 kilometer away from other famous ruins, Tiahuanaco. These latter ruins, of megalithic type, too, are also perfectly preserved and disposed like a LEGO, namely the massive stones out of which they are built are perfectly joined together, confirming the fact that the civilization of which the author speaks lived there and that they made the constructions in this way to protect them against earthquakes, floods and other things, owing to the fact that they are flexible; they are like living things and therefore, frozen as they are, they endure through time.

It was calculated and proven by the scientists today that a megalithic construction of this type weighed at least 100 thousand tones. What could possibly destroy them? The only reasons why fortresses such as these could have been destroyed were either a cataclysm or pole shifting.
It is a plausible scenario; the sea fossils found on the plateau of Altiplano, near Lake Titicaca, at almost 4 thousand meters’ altitude are proof that the ocean levels rose to that height. Why can these fossils be found both in the Andes and in Lake Titicaca? Why do the only fresh water seahorses live in Lake Titicaca, when they don’t belong there and they never did?

Part of the developing human beings inhabited the places where people today found the Mayan ruins. Therefore it is explicable why many similar pyramids have been found ranging from Central America to Java Island. Among the ruins of Sukuh, the pyramid of the elephants, located on the slopes of Lawu Mountain, near Surakarta, Central Java, there is a building of stone slabs and a multiple-staged truncated pyramid. The inhabitants of Central America find them amazing and they are not the only ones who do. Another pyramid was discovered in the Mayan city of Uaxactun, near Tical. Knowing that there wasn’t glass making technique, why do we so plainly and easily see - when looking at the ruins – that there was a pyramid inside, covered by cylindrical glass and who made that glass, because there are fragments of glass inside those ruins? How could they have built the Mayan pyramids so well as order and architecture that they may be an information storage unit? Besides, if you go through each stage and understand the writing – you may find that there is something there, something beyond mythology and legends and that something tells us nothing else but that immortals lived there? Likewise, we can also talk about Solomon, who built Temple Mount, the one that is built upon the ruins of another megalithic construction and is known as Kivota. Kivota is referred to as an electric generator built out of aluminum – a material that Solomon couldn’t have obtained, but it proves that they don’t call the author a mad man for nothing.

The last and – if we may say so - the latest ruins are the ones in Egypt. We shall make a halt here and you will see in the following lines that they are referred to for a reason.

We mentioned above in our material that the leadership of the planet was on continent Posed. All the efforts that were made for this civilization to make a step onto evolution, going through all the necessary development stages failed, and that was because 30% of the cells hadn’t been changed, so people should have 100% crystal cells. The human beings who had returned to complete their evolution cycle weren’t able to complete the last 30% and everything was doomed again. Death and decay ruled again everywhere, save for Posed, known as Atlantis. The planet was defenseless again and the ecosystem was degrading. This time, the change was brought by the three asteroids that hit the planet. Atlantis vanished then, with all its reserves of water and ice. The ice melted and flooded the entire planet, but this time the glacial age didn’t settle as quickly as before. This time, people from the sunken continent of Posed had time to travel to the places where the Mayan ruins are today and they could pass very valuable data for the next generations. They preserved them completely for 130 thousand years, for as long as the ice age lasted, so the present generations would be able to read and decipher their message, which was as follows: the planet will be repopulated, again; they showed by constructions linked to each other that the human beings gone from the Earth, to be more precise those ones who didn’t mix and spoil their blood within their families, will be returned for a new cycle of evolution (it is suggested by the many stars falling down to the Earth, with the Moon in their middle, above the stars, meaning that those people who didn’t spoil their blood will be given the chance to prove their evolution).

The same scientists drew elephants and people getting on them, or, in the next drawing, the elephants are lying on the ground and men, clutching their heads with their hands, are standing next to the fallen elephant. This means that the leadership of Posed showed how one more time people wouldn’t be able to tame and master the elephant, which represented evolution; they showed that civilization was due to fail again that time. The scientists from Posed also left a giant opening in one of the pyramids, through which one can look at the stars; they also drew it on the walls, which means that they showed people and present generations that somebody loved them up there and somebody cared about them, and that it was solely up to the respective generations whether they would evolve or not. At the same time they showed very clearly that the end of the present civilization would be between the years of 2021 and 2027. Only our scientists’ interpretations were wrong. They think the Mayans showed that the end was on December 21st 2012. We cannot speak about an end, because there isn’t such a thing like end in the Universe; there is continuity and its stages. Between 2021 and 2027 one of the stages will be developing and only those people who haven’t spoiled their blood within their families will remain, a thing which can also be inferred from the last drawing on the walls of the Mayans or of Kheops’ pyramid. In both places, at the end of the drawing there is an elephant standing erect, which means that there is another future for this planet and that people will live immortality, evolution and wisdom.

This material is worth studying and analyzing with the utmost attention. If, as a result of thorough analysis, you believe an iota of it, it means that I am not the only madman and that there are more who can make a huge step for their evolution.

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