Spiritual Awakening is the death of the old self in order to reveal more of your true self.

It’s not so much about becoming a new version of yourself. It’s more about shedding away the years of conditioning and belief systems that were never aligned with your soul to begin with. It’s discarding what has never been in alignment with you in order for your real self to shine through.

Once we are born, the conditioning of our psyches begins.
We are inundated with perspectives and beliefs imposed on us by our families, society, teachers, friends, etc. We are told that things are a certain way and that there’s no other way they can be. So we grow up believing things and interacting with the world in a way that may be true for others but is not necessarily true for us.

As we become adults and gain our own life experiences, we may be faced with a choice to either continue down the path our families or society has told us that we should be taking. Or we can choose to break free of those limitations and forge a new path that connects us more with our true sense of self.

If you choose the latter of these two choices, you may at some point experience an awakening.

I think awakening is less of an awakening and more of a death. We awaken only when something has died. Spiritual awakening is in essence a form of rebirth. And in order to be reborn we must first, of course, die.

We must remember that what is dying was never really part of who we are anyway.

Either way it can be scary to let go of the only version of yourself that you’ve known. When you start to change, you will most likely go through this limbo stage or transitional stage where you’re no longer who you used to be, but you’re still not sure who you’re becoming yet. This stage of awakening is, at least for me, the most uncomfortable.
The reason for this is because we may feel like we don’t have a solid foundation below us anymore.

Or that what we had previously built our lives upon doesn’t work for us anymore.

And while we know that now, we still don’t know what the new version of us will look like. This stage of awakening can be isolating because it could also involve the shedding away of old friends, activities or jobs. We know we need to let these things go because we’re not in alignment with them anymore. But at the same time, we don’t know what we are in alignment with yet.

So we may try to hang on out of fear and uncertainty.

You may feel lost and confused and even insecure at this point. This is totally normal. You are basically starting over but first you have to heal all of the old conditioning and form new values and beliefs. Once this phase is complete, your new path will be revealed to you.

The question now is, will you walk the new path that is being presented to you?

Even if it doesn’t make any sense or it feels like it came out of nowhere. That’s the turning point or crossroads you will reach on your awakening path. You will be given a choice to continue down the same path that you are no longer aligned with. Or to do something totally different that you may be unsure of, but you know the only way to truly change your life is to change the path of your life.

You will always have a choice in the matter because we have free-will.

Even if you’ve had a spiritual awakening. The universe will still give you the choice almost as like a test. Will you choose to stay in the comfort zone that you’ve outgrown? Or will you choose the uncomfortable path that will lead you straight to the growth your soul so desperately needs? In astrology this could be compared to the North Node (life purpose) and your South Node (past lives).

Accepting that your old life doesn’t work for you anymore is really the best way to truly grow and move forward on your souls journey.

Stepping out into the unknown will always be scary even for the bravest among us. But our confidence and surety of self can only become stronger when we challenge ourselves. When we have faith and trust in the universe and of our inner voice that is guiding us. We don’t grow when we stay the same. Growth comes through change and taking leaps of faith.

Author's Bio: 

Tara Reynolds is an intuitive empath, artist and spiritual guide. She promotes growth and empowerment through self-expression. Her mission is to raise the collective consciousness through her spiritually channeled messages. To check out more of her work, go to her website at www.taralreynolds.com