We have a friend by the name of Frieda who enjoyed a very interesting meeting with some Spiritual Orbs of Light at her old family homestead.

Frieda and some friends decided they would drive to her old childhood homestead in Puerto Rico which was dilapidated, covered with vines, and falling down. And they thought it would be a short trip, but the trip took much longer than they expected. So they ended up getting to there about sunset.

So they decided to go inside the old house. And as they walked into the old falling down brick building Spiritual Orbs of Light started moving around inside. They were white orbs… but the light that emitted left behind a long tail of red light. This kind of freaked everyone out… but soon everyone got used to it and they were not afraid.

Then the Spiritual Orbs of Light started moving around right in front of each one of them… danced up and down as if the orbs were excited that someone had come to visit. You can see in the photo that the Orbs of Light are real. And the Orbs of Light were moving at a fantastic rate of speed and interacted with everyone who entered the house.

This spiritual interaction went on for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then they walked outside and the Spiritual Orbs of Light followed them outside and moved around some more. But eventually, the Spiritual Orbs of Light zipped off into the darkness and disappeared. Our Freida feels they were departed relatives (spirits) who were hanging around the old homestead.

This kind of thing happens every single day yet we don’t allow our to see these things. We can’t perceive what our mind doesn’t register. This is just like the Native Americans not seeing Columbus sailing ships coming in… they could not see them at all because it was outside of their world of understanding.

And most of us have been brought up to not allow ourselves to see spiritual things because we are afraid. Until we open up our mind and our heart and then all of sudden we can see everything… and it all becomes very real.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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