What are split air conditioners? Look up the internet, and one of the very first pieces of information that you are going to come across is that these air conditioners are usually installed in small rooms and halls – in places where you cannot get window air conditioners installed. It can, however, be predicted that in due course of time split AC units will become more popular than window AC. It is particularly owing to the fact that people are already opting for the former even when they have space for the latter. You can talk to the most discerning professionals involved in domestic air conditioning installations in Gold Coast to secure a clearer picture. Read on.

Split Air Conditioner: What should you find out about its basics?

Now that you know how popular split ACs are, you might as well be eager to invest in the same. Do that but not really before finding out whether at all it’s worth your money or not. Before delving into details of its usability, let us take a look at its basics.

The machine has two main parts – a) an indoor unit and b) an outdoor unit

It’s the indoor unit which is responsible for producing the cooling effect. The indoor unit is home to the cooling coil, the evaporator, the long blower and the filter. The chilled Freon fluid enters the cooling coil after passing the expansion coil. It’s the blower which absorbs the hot and humid air from the room itself and blows it over the cooling coil. The temperature of the cooling coil decreases as the hot air passes over the same. It ends up losing the excess moisture as well. The room ends up receiving the cool and dry air- which can be controlled as per requirement.

The outdoor unit comprises the condenser coil, compressor, expansion coil and capillary tubing. Since the compressor makes the maximum noise, it ought to be kept outside the room. The outdoor unit also has the fan blowing over the condenser thereby cooling the Freon gas.

Split AC or Window AC: Which one should you opt for?

Window AC or Split AC? Which one should you opt for? What should you do? Should you look up the internet? What are the ones offering electrical services in Gold Coast suggesting? It does remain a difficult choice, without a doubt. Let us tell you that from the standpoint of energy-efficiency it remains a difficult choice simply because both the units have high EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio)—almost similar. However split AC units are preferred because of a few factors. The very first factor in favour of the split AC units is the availability of a greater number of units. While window ACs have single units, the split ACs have two units. Thanks to the outdoor units, these systems operate way more silently than what the window ACs do.

Additionally, the split AC units have more models than Window Air Conditioning systems. So, people have got better variety as well!

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