One of the hottest foodie trends out there today is "farm-to-table". You can join the movement quickly and easily by growing your own gourmet mushrooms right from your own home. And the mushroom spores you need to get started are available at Spores 101.

The art of mycology, which is the study of fungi like mushrooms, is where you start when you're considering the enterprise of growing mushrooms. Learning about the properties of mushrooms is the foundation and basis for everything else in how to use them for things like medicine and food. Understanding how they act and what they need to thrive and flourish is essential to being successful in this endeavor. Spores 101 pools all the information you need together in one convenient site. There are tutorials that provide information about the history of mushrooms, and how you can use the study of them to your benefit.

In addition to information, Spores 101 is the leading provider of high quality magic mushroom spores online. They offer you the spore prints you need to grow just about any species of mushroom you want. What's even better is that they offer knowledgeable support to guide you through the details of growing your own mushrooms at home. As a food source, mushrooms are loaded with rich nutrients the body needs - protein, B vitamins, and minerals. They are fat-free, and have virtually no calories which make them a diet-friendly food, and they also add bulk and fiber to meals. Many believe they have antibacterial properties that are helpful to the human body, as well.

Fresh mushrooms are highly preferred for food preparation - much better than any of the canned or jarred versions. Buying fresh mushrooms, especially the higher-end varieties like Oyster, Morell, or Shiitake, can get really pricey. Growing your own is an investment that can save you considerable cash, and could even become a source of income if you market and sell your product to interested chefs or through local farmer's markets. You can add mushrooms to nearly any savory dish, so they are highly versatile and they work with acidic as well as creamy textures and flavors.

You don't need specialized lights to other expensive tools to grow mushrooms. In fact, most can grow in low light or even complete darkness. By obtaining pure mushroom spore strains from Spores 101 and quality substrate material, you would be growing your own organic mushrooms in as little as a few weeks. And those same spores will continuously produce growth for several growth cycles before needing to be replenished. And, once you're on your way, you will find that you can get addicted to how easy it is to grow your own delicious mushrooms from scratch.

And don't forget that mushrooms are fascinating to study in and of themselves. If you are interested in microscopic study of mushroom spores, Spores 101 has all the spores you need to start your own mycology study. Get with the fresh-food movement and grow your own little piece of gourmet product with mushrooms from Spores 101.

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Spores 101 is your leading online resource for quality mushroom spores at a fair price. Get healthy and grow your own mushrooms at home with the help of Spores 101.