Analysis of lifestyle concepts and the factors that influence them, have led to the coexistence of at least two concepts that imply different ways of acting.

First refer to free behavioral choices; where action must be directed at avoiding unhealthy habits, thereby releasing total responsibility to the individual.

Second, maintaining health depends on the general way of life, which is determined by the relationship between living conditions and behavioral patterns which in turn depends on social-educational and personal characteristics.

A healthy lifestyle is a set of behavioral patterns related to health and sports, determined by choices made by people from the choices available according to the opportunities offered by their own lives.

In this way, lifestyle can be understood as a behavior related to health that is consistent (such as the practice of ordinary physical activities), which is possible or limited by one's social situation and living conditions.

To live a healthy lifestyle, one of the most important factors that must be considered is physical activity, because it supports public health in general and has a very beneficial effect.

People can hardly live a full and healthy life without the possibility of movement and interaction with the world, which is why physical activity is a very important factor when talking about a healthy life, because it provides a better quality of life and greater welfare. Of course the interaction with the world can not only be done with physical exercise. Playing at online casinos such as also has the benefit of psychology refreshment.

People's perceptions of physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being depend on most of their values ​​and beliefs and cultural context. On the other hand, each of us has a different dream, but every day millions of children, teenagers and adults dream of becoming professional athletes.

Many times are not fulfilled, but for some, and this is where sports change the lives of those who happen to have the talent and character needed to become a professional.

Following with the subject of best lifestyle apps but directed to sportsmen and in specific subjects for their financial situation. This essay aims to build an analytical alternative that allows interpreting a damaged banking phenomenon in some athletes.

With this, a search exit that does not involve the division of empirical reality becomes a small behavior; but if it allows estimates for the shape of their specific manifestations in reality, the main goal is to seek improvement so that athletes are more successful throughout their lives.

On the other hand, understanding sports in different ways can be enjoyed in two ways either passively as an audience or actively, as a practitioner. As for the latter, 3 types of training are distinguished: elite, sportsmen and amateur sportsmen.


Defining them in the first place, the elite athlete is mainly directed towards the spectacle, reaching high levels of income (this is why the State sees in the need to control this activity subjecting the sports clubs to mercantile and labor legal regulations. directed and cared for by technicians or coaches that help them break their brands or beat their rivals, forming a competitive spirit in them.

In second place is the federated athlete. These athletes practice sport less systematically and exhaustively than elite athletes, but they are also conditioned by a series of limitations, such as institutions or calendars, that condition their sporting activity.

And finally; fans. These are subject to fewer limitations than the two types of practitioners mentioned above, since they appear more hidden than the others and it is more difficult to locate and account for them. They practice their sport by hobby, in a way that is purely fun. The motivations are social, labor or health issues.

When introducing and analyzing the different types, it can be seen that day by day the times and the way of thinking are changing; for example, previously, sport was considered far from any possibility framed within the economic world; the conception of the sports organization as such, limited the economic valuation, and until the 1980s it was frowned upon, and even forbidden, to earn money from sports. For example, Jim Thorpe lost the gold medal he had won at the 1912 Olympics, after receiving money for a baseball game. Another example, when the brand of the sponsor could be distinguished on the shirt of a football star, had to be changed before the T.V. connection, in order to avoid static advertising.

On the contrary today every man and woman who practices some sport seek to reach the highest level, since these are the ones that can reach a high level of lifestyle.

This type of athletes are mainly directed towards the show achieving high levels of income, due to its great diffusion through mass media and advertising brands.

Returning to the type of elite athlete, unlike other athletes, their lives either individually or as a team are composed of a great diversity of values ​​such as discipline, perseverance, work and perseverance; that is why in many occasions there are amateur or confederate athletes who cannot become an elite or high performance athlete.

The problem of the elite athlete is that they do not have enough mental maturity, so they are dazzled by the inflows of money, fame and success. Throughout their career they do nothing but spend their fortunes on bad investments, excessive spending, divorces, demands and / or addictions; and all this because they do not know how to manage their money, to spend more than they have or because of a total lack of financial education and poor management.

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